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Jun 18, 2008 06:23 AM

Best pancake flavors at the Griddle (Not with nuts, though!)

So my birthday month pancake feed is approaching, and crazy indecisive little Diana is frittering her spare time away, trying to figure out where to go. The Griddle is a front runner this year. My husband has promised me that if I want, I can get three cakes, three different flavors. I did this the last two years at John o' Groats. I love my husband, he is so good at indulging my wish to be able to taste more.

Of course, the poor man is unaware that the cakes at the Griddle are a whole different animal compared to O'Groats, in terms of size, heft and ooey gooeyness. But, a promise is a promise, and there is a 9 mile hike planned afterwards to burn off the energy-so my carb and sugar rush won't annoy him too much the rest of the day. I don't know if I will finish it all, but since I am known for besting college football boys in an all you can eat sushi bar, I think I may be OK. Just because I am tiny, doesn't mean I can't eat and enjoy a large amount of pancakes. Hey, it's once a year!

Anyhoo, keeping in mind that nuts and peanuts will kill me darn quick, what are the best Griddle options to get?

(p.s. OK, I am not thinking about pancakes all of my free time. but it sometimes seems like it! :) )

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  1. oh, also, how is the coffee? Should I get it there, or elsewhere?

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    1. re: Diana

      The french press coffee is one of the best in town. Strong, rich and deep just like the perfect man (if he exists, LOL). Get the pumpkin pancake with whipped cream. I can only eat about a fourth of it but it's so darn good. Happy 21st BirthdaY!

      1. re: ExtraCheesePlease

        ;) so sweet. I wish I was still 21.

        Well, 21 and not as stupid as I was at 21. I'm going to be 33. I am told the double numbers are lucky. As my dog is turning 11 this year, I figure it is a good year for me.

        Pumpkin is one of my favorites! What other flavors?

        erfect people may not exist, but can I succeed in my search for perfect pancakes?

        1. re: Diana

          You're only as old as you feel so happy birthday!

      2. re: Diana

        I am in total agreement with ExtraCheese about their French Press coffee, (but I love strong, dark roast cofffee).

        I like their Eyes Wide Open pancakes when I'm in the mood for more of a dessert taste. Buttermilk PC's with a shot of espresso and semi sweet chocolate chips. I also love their Bluesberry PC's (blueberries are a weakness) and finally I have not tried, but keep looking at their "Sow your Oats" PC's with honey, cinnamon and rolled oats.

        If your husband is a chocolate lover then their "Devils Daydream French Toast" with chocolate bread with bittersweet chocolate chips and topped with a mound of whipped cream has had me going into a near diabetic coma a few times (without even having diabetes I might add).

        Hope you enjoy your day and if folks up in Runyon Canyon wonder who that girl is being carried by her husband uphill on the hike I think I have the answer for them!

        1. re: Servorg

          with all the energy I'll get, I'll be carrying him!

          1. re: Servorg

            "sow your oats" is my favorite (and i've tried most all of them except for anything with yucky bananas!) it has a great honey taste in the background and the oats make for a nice texture contrast.

            "eyes wide open" is my pick, like you, when i'm craving something sweet and decadent. lots of chocolate chips - and i like to cover mine in the pure maple syrup to make it even sweeter!

            1. re: trishyb

              Okay, Trish you have me convinced. Next time I am so going to "Sow my Oats". Thanks for the recommendation.

          2. re: Diana

            PROS: The French press is everything it's cracked up to be ... I haven't yet been to LA Mill but with that exception it may well be the best in town.

            If you're going to have pancakes at The Griddle, IMHO simpler is better ... stick with buttermilk pancakes or waffles or French toast ...

            CONS: ... and skip the pancake concoctions, most of which are so loaded up with mounds of non-pancake stuff that they aren't pancakes any more, just an excuse to load the plate with sugar. The portions are very bit as huge as you've heard, be prepared to share or take home (or throw away) a lot of food.

            Bottom line, imho if you're going to wait in line for weekend breakfast, John O'Groats is much more worth it esp. for the buckwheat cakes.

            1. re: maxzook

              Oh, I never wait in line! We always get up early to get there by opening, and to get hiking after eating and before the sun is too blazing!

              At this point, I've tried every kind of cake O'groats can offer. I do so rarely get ooey gooey over the top foods, I think I may like to try "loaded" pancakes, even just once.

              But thanks for the warning! If I don't enjoy it, I can't say no one warned me!

          3. Coffee is AWESOME, but I also like dark roast and espressos.

            I really liked the banana nana - they bake the bananas first so they are extra soft, and there is no walnut nonsense involved. My friend got the Eyes Wide Open, but paired with an omelette since they're so dessert-y.

            I'm planning to return there in August and those pumpkin ones are on my list!

            1. I love the Saturday Morning Fever pancakes - the one with Bailey's and Kahlua!

                1. Where is this place, you have me a droolin!?

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                  1. re: JEN10

                    Griddle Cafe
                    7916 Sunset Blvd. (at Fairfax)
                    Hollywood 90046
                    (323) 874-0377

                    Drool over Griddle Cafe's menu: