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Jun 18, 2008 05:13 AM

Brazilian food on Hanway Street, London

Has anyone tried anything from the new hatch near Bradley's? I think it's called Mama's and it advertises Brazilian lunch boxes and snacks.

I was at Bradley's when they were giving out free samples of cheesy bread which wasn't brilliant, I have to admit. However - maybe the boxes are better?

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  1. The cheesy brazilian bread sounds like pao de queijo. Given the limited range of places I've been to, so far I've only seen and had it was at the Brazilian stall in Brick Lane market, which makes a pretty decent version.

    BTW, do you know what kinds of stuff are in the lunch boxes? Would appreciate any info if you (or anyone) happens to come across it.

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      Brazilian food is very lacking in London even though we seem to have an increasing population from there

      That dreadful place Mocoto lasted about two minutes and Boteca Carioco on Charlotte St is gone now too. There was a "by the kilo" place on Oxford St but I don't know if it is still there.

      My favourite place was rec'd by a Brazilian friend and that is Cafe Rio on Grafton St ( near Warren St tube) they do very decent Pastel and Quibe and, I am told, excellent Feijoada, although I have not tried it.

      1. re: Simon Majumdar

        I think that Brazil by Kilo is now feijao-de-luis-brazilian-buffet, but am not entirely sure if thats right, as I was never quite sure where the former was. Anyway, I went there, its an all you can eat, its mostly terrible, except, when I went there, two really delicious dishes, one of which I assume was a type of feijao, at least it was a very rich black bean stew. More details here, , in a nutshell, not a huge amount of choice, what was there was terrible apart from the black beans which were really rich and moreish, and some slow cooked beef that was melt in the mouth tender. Altogether a very odd place, but worth an explore. Thanks for the Cafe Rio tip, will try it.