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Jun 16, 2008 08:29 PM

Recipes for using Skyline [split from Cincinnati Chili thread on Midwest Board]

[This was split by the moderators from a thread "Cincinnati Chili" on the Midwest board ]

Skyline has sometimes been described more as a "condiment" than as a beefy, beany, tomatoey mess like texas chili. I love skyline and have a wicker clothing hamper full of cans of it, that I replenish with trips to Cincy taking empty suitcases outbound and cases from Krogers on the return.

I don't eat it like a big pot of chili, but instead use it like this (add your own variations):
* Heat up some frozen beef&cheese taquitos and smother them with Skyline chili and then reheat; you will never look back;
* Heat up some vegetables (e.g., okra, red peppers, sweet corn, onion) then stir them into polenta from an easy-to-use tube, then re-heat with Skyline chili and top off with goat cheese and sharp paprika (goat cheese goes FABULOUSLY with Skyline);

Skyline is indeed not "chili" like out of a Hormel can. It is a magnificently sublime substance that can be added in careful, measured amounts to substances like chevre, corn tortillas, zesty veggies, cheddar cheese, alfredo & white sauces, et. al. to yield something wildly satisfying. I grew up in Wisconsin, and only got hooked on Skyline on a couple rare trips to Cincy a decade or more ago, and now can't live without it.

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  1. i grew up there and love it but hooked several a boyfriend and a husband on the stuff so it doesn't have to be a native taste! :)

    my 2 and 5 year old ask for it by name. thank goodness i can get it at a few stores in richmond.

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      There are spice mixes made by Skyline, Gold Star, and Cincinnati Recipe that when combined with water, ground beef and tomato paste are as good as the frozen product and can be ordered online for a relatively minimal charge. I have to confess that these mixes are almost as good as any of the 6-8 recipes that I have at home.

      1. re: jlawrence01

        agreed. and you can make with turkey. not the same but...

        it is one of the few things that my homemade recipes have never been as good for.