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Jun 18, 2008 12:27 AM

Best chocolate/chocolate desserts in town

Hello all, may i solicit suggestions on what you feel are the best chocolates to be had in Hong Kong? We don't lack for selection, so pls suggest where I can buy, eat, or purchase the best chocolate or chocolates in town.

Incidentally, how does Cova rank in your books?

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  1. Best chocolate in town - definitely Jean Paul Hevin.

    No competition with Cova for its sit-down ambience & range of chocolate desserts.

    1. Quite honestly, there are not that many western sweet (including chocolate) shops in Hong Kong, despite its title as a 'gourmet city'.
      It is still far better than most of its Asian peer cities such as Seoul, but it leaves something to be desired when compared to Tokyo.
      (Incidently, Laduree will open a Tokyo shop in July!)

      Things are getting better now, but there are too few good sweet shops to rate them.
      Here are some of the sweet shops.
      * Jean Paul Hevin
      * agnes b delices
      * Chocolux
      * Mandarin Oriental/ Peninsula/ Grand Hyatt Cake Shop
      * Lucullus
      * Leonidas

      1. Cova would not be that high on the list. Probably right down there with Godiva?

        I find Jean Paul Hevin to be OK. My fav though is Monde which is in Horizon Plaza in Ap Lei Chau. The last time I was there, maybe 3 weeks ago, the chocolate was not as good as before but it is still the best in HK in my mind. Will need to go back in a week or two to get my "fix"!

        1. i believe la maison du chocolat has opened in pacific place, admiralty. yay!

          cova's cakes do not rate highly, if at all, in my books - too much (bland-tasting) cream... choc desserts are ok. pricey for what they are, but they are well-placed for mid-shopping cravings

          mandarin oriental's cake shop (not to be confused with the landmark mandarin) is one of THE best patisseries in town, and thanks to the renovation, there are also a few seats. the hot chocolate is astounding, and their cakes and pastries rock.

          other choc shops:
          - vero - delivery only (occassionally also available at lane crawford, hk's bergdorf goodman). handmade in hk. check their website a semi-secret in hk
          - jp hevin
          - agnes b delices - pretty decent chocs, like their earl grey ones

          choc desserts:
          - sift - cannot believe no-one's mentioned them! it's 'dessert bar' concept sounds like a 2006 gimmick, but the desserts they chrun out are consistently good, and the place is pretty much packed, esp fri and sat nights. their choc 'trio' is great.
          - chocolux - like their version of warm chocolate pudding.cake. the peel st. store is more 'atmospheric' than that silly corner they have at pacific place 3.

          ones to forget about:
          - godiva - eek! nuff said.
          - royce - for suckers of japanese marketing

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          1. re: e_ting

            >choc desserts:
            >sift - cannot believe no-one's mentioned them!

            I love Sift too, but do they sell chocolate?

            1. re: kosmose7

              no, they don't sell chocolate, which is why it's under choc desserts (unless i've misunderstood the topic of the thread, aquarella was looking for desserts too?)

              1. re: e_ting

                I was just going to mention sift! My friends have raved about it and I'm thinking about bringing my sister there for her birthday. Do you know if it's expensive - around how much for a dessert)?

                1. re: relativeways1

                  can't remember exactly, but it's probably about $100 per dessert (?) and keep in mind that they don't take bookings so try and get there at 'odd' hours to ensure you get a seat, or else be prepared to wait

                2. re: e_ting

                  I see. I thought he was looking for only chocolates. Now I can see his thread title is chocolate/ chocolate desserts. May be he changed the title or I missed it in the first place.

            2. One more thing.
              La Maison du Chocolat just opened a Hong Kong branch at Pacific Place.

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              1. re: kosmose7

                yep i think i just mentioned that in an earlier reply too...!

                1. re: e_ting

                  Didn't see that before either. May be something's wrong with this board or with my eyes. Darn!