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Jun 17, 2008 10:28 PM

Cora's opening in Northland Mall (Calgary)

For those who love Cora's Breakfast & Lunch but don't like making the drive to the deep south - good news - there's a new one moving in to Northland Mall. It looks like they're months away from opening but eventually it'll mean I can get my Cora's fix a lot closer to home :)

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  1. Good to hear something good about Northland!

    1. You just made my day. This morning I was driving up Crowchild wishing there was a decent place to go for breakfast in this part of town.

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      1. re: sharonanne

        Phil's on 16th is probably the best place. It's all downhill from there.

      2. Heya ms,

        Just wondering, i've heard you espousing Cora's breakfast for a while, but it really is a long way to drive for someone who isnt the biggest breakfast fan (except for Egg's Benny!). Can you explain to what what is so great about their breakfasts? I might have to make the drive... though Northland sounds a lot more convenient!


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        1. re: yen

          Hi yen, (ltns it seems, glad to see you back) I tried replying once before and I dunno what happened so here we go again:

          I first started going to Cora's yeeears ago in Montreal(aka Chez Cora Dejeuner) so I've been a fan for 10+years, (3 kids and 2 houses ago...) It's not that Cora's is the be all end all of breakfast but the quality is better and more consistent than Nellies imho (never had past-due fruit at Cora's). The menu is huge, literally something for everyone... there's lunch food too for those who aren't as enthused about breakfast... I can't help you with the Eggs Bennie I'm afraid since that's the one dish I don't order - not just at Cora's - I just like my eggs either fried, scrambled, in an omlet or a quiche ...but not Bennied(not that there is such a verb) I love Cora's omlettes(dinner plate sized and perfectly done), waffles and DH loves that they serve cretons and other Quebecois "delicacies." If memory serves Cora's is also a less expensive outing than a lot of the downtown breakfast hotspots(even after factoring in the gas).

          It's been awhile since we've gone since the younger two kids don't have the attention span required for dining out especially when there's a lineup. I still have vivid memories of DS's meltdown waiting for food at Diner Deluxe about a month ago...We'll probably go to Cora's at Northland once it opens (and before locals discover it and it gets uber busy).

          If that doesn't totally answer your questions about the place feel free to email/facebook me ericaannebell (at) shaw (dot) ca :)

          1. re: maplesugar

            Ahhh... i didnt realize this was related to the Quebec chain - that explains so much! I've never actually tried their food, but you make it sound pretty appetizing. Maybe a long drive and a long wait in line is in order.

            Hmm, on second thought, when i word it that way, that sounds really unappetizing. I think i'll just wait for the Northland location!

            Thanks for all the info though.Much appreciated!

            1. re: yen

              Like marcopolo said, the lines move fairly quick - I think the most we've waited is 15 big deal for adults but with litttle ones that can feel like an eternity. On a typical Saturday morning I've waited longer for a table, and for food at Diner Deluxe than at Cora's..1/2 the drive to DD but twice the seating and faster turnover at Cora's... for me it's a tie...til Cora's opens at Northland then that'll probably become a regular weekend spot for us - maybe we'll see you there ;)

            2. re: maplesugar

              "It's not that Cora's is the be all end all of breakfast but the quality is better and more consistent than Nellies imho"

              i totally agree. There are certain things that Cora's does really well and others i don't care for at all. I've made the drive from downtown to mackenzie town a couple of times, and eaten at a location in ottawa as well. There's usually a long line, but it moves pretty quick.

              If you're a fan of eggs benny, i'd look elsewhere. their hollandaise is dreadful, and tastes likes it comes from a powder. Having said that, their fruit is always excellent, and it's nice to get a pile of fruit on your breakfast plate. They're really good at combo plates, which is great if you like having a bit savoury as well as sweet. I like their crepes and omelettes; they're good but not ridiculously good. bottom line: if you live downtown, i don't think it's necessarily worth the drive -- you're still better off going to diner deluxe. but it you live in the far south or near northland, then it's a good option.

              1. re: marcopolo

                I usually order either Cora's crepes or omelettes when I go, no they're not world class but still very good... that's ok since world class takes longer than I can reasonably expect my kids to sit still - love the pile of fresh fruit too - no whimpy garnish here - a good size serving of melon and pineapple and berries(when in season).

            3. re: yen

              I don't know what part of town you're in, yen, but if you're looking to try Cora's, heading south is also a possibility. There is a Cora's in McKenzie Towne, and there is one soon to open out here in Okotoks as well. I love the Eggs Benedict and my wife swears by the crepes, with many variations available.

              1. re: GaryR

                Thanks for the extra info Gary! I was aware of the McKenzie towne location, but not the Okotoks one. South is a long way for me :) But if you love the eggs benedict, it may be well worth the trip. I'll consider it next time. Thanks!

                1. re: yen

                  Glad to be of help! We are apparently getting 13 new restaurants in Okotoks in a matter of less than 6 months, Cora's being one of them. It seems most will be chain restaurants but we're looking forward to whatever new dining experiences we can get out here. The only one we've heard about that sounds like something new and exciting is one that is advertising itself as authentic New Orleans style. Could be interesting! As an aside, welcome back from wherever you've been. We've missed your voice on the boards of late!

            4. Where exactly in Northland Mall is it going to be? We were there on the weekend and didn't see anything - may have just been having a blind moment.

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              1. re: Zydeco_Mama

                If I hadn't seen the promo signs at the entrance I would have missed it too. Cora's is going in across the hall from Best Buy - went there in search of a Wii Fit or I would have never found it. Handy link to Northland's map: scroll your mouse over the spot between Best Buy and Home Outfitters ...voila Cora's :)

                1. re: maplesugar

                  Of course, that's the one hallway we didn't go down. Thanks!

              2. The Coras down here in the south has been very, very inconsistent. One day great service and nice day horrible service and fruit that looks like it's been sitting around for days. We've given it several chances but with so many great breakfast options in Calgary, Coras is very low on my list...hopefully the Northland Mall one will be better.

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                1. re: Major_9000

                  Really?? Sorry to hear that Major. I guess I've been lucky then. Your experiences sound like mine at Nellies.

                  1. re: maplesugar

                    First time we went we didn't get served for like1 1/2 hours, lol the poor waitress was almost in tears (she kept going to the kitchen and begging for our order and nothing came out - we tipped her anyway) and we had to go because we had business meetings...the next time it was great, fabulous fruit eggs, bacon, service, etc...then we went back and had some very brown time it was great again...then we went back and got brown fruit again and coffee that tasted like they forgot to change the filter with fresh grounds...

                    It became a running joke...but Ill give it another try, it's been about a year. So lots of time to iron out the kinks.

                  2. re: Major_9000

                    you sound cursed ;) i've never had a bad experience there in my 6 or so visits.

                    if not for the long lineups stretching onto the sidewalk outside on weekends, i'd be there even more often.