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Feb 1, 2003 07:38 PM


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Anyone been to Zabumba on Venice, in the Motor/Overland vicinity? Me and the missus are going there tonight, not sure what to eat (or whether to eat there at all).

p.s. For a bizarre and wonderful taste sensation, buy some candied nutmeg (mace, actually) at an Indonesian market, preferably the one on National across the street from Indo (because the people there are nice). For those of you who aren't familiar with this confection, be forewarned: it numbs your mouth. Think szechuan peppercorns, sore throat spray, and really intense nutmeg flavor with the texture of candied ginger. Just don't smoke it...

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  1. I've been there once, didn't eat...just drank. Its a real fun place when they have the bands come on. The food looked interesting, but I just went there for drinks.

    1. I just had a meal here with two other girls and the food was not all that. I had the Chicken Zabumba, (which is all they offered for a Thursday night under their "entrees") and it sucked. The rice was dry, the beans were tough, and I've cooked better chicken on my worst days at home. One of my friends ordered some steak special and the meat was super tough. My other friend ordered some kind of chicken special and she said it sucked too. If you're looking for some good Cuban food in the West LA area, don't bother with this restaurant. The reason I came here was because a co-worker had recommended it for the Salsa music. They do play Salsa music, but I guess that's about all they had going on. I should have gone with Versailles down the road from there on Venice Blvd. I will definetely go to Versailles anytime now after having Zabumba's nasty food anytime. I can't wait for that garlic chicken at Versailees. Mmmmm!