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best uni?

bigjeff Jun 17, 2008 09:59 PM

best place with japanese preparation, even an unidon? and, where can I buy boxes of uni, if I want an uni-fest of my own?

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  1. k
    kobetobiko RE: bigjeff Jun 17, 2008 10:50 PM

    The best place to have uni in a restaurant - Soto! It is more fusion though. So if you do want traditional preparation, 15 East usually has uni from Japan or in shell and can prepare it any style you want - fresh in shell, on rice in a cup, blow-torched, etc.

    To buy uni, the best is to go to Mitsuwa in NJ. While both Sunrise Mart and Katagiri have uni in box, the quality varies greatly from shipment to shipment.

    1. e
      eatereater123 RE: bigjeff Sep 16, 2008 08:01 PM

      oyster bar at grand central brings in sea urchin by the case when they can.
      probably the cheapest i have seen in a restaurant. beware they are small but very fresh.

      for store purchases, i have never had luck buying sea urchin in nyc. the japanese grocery stores below sound like logical choices.

      1. s
        silencespeak RE: bigjeff Sep 17, 2008 03:02 PM

        the two best I had was at Sushi Yasuda (Sushi Uni), and 15 East (Unidon). 15 East had two different uni.. one from japan, one from California.

        1. Asumnuthin RE: bigjeff Nov 4, 2008 06:39 AM


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