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Jun 17, 2008 09:53 PM

North Carolina BBQ between Raleigh & Asheville

Will be driving from Raleigh to Asheville this weekend & would love some recommendations for good barbecue around midway. Would love to detour to Lexington but probably need to stay close to I-40 for the sake of our sanity (3 young kids unused to 4-hour drives will be riding with us.)

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!


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  1. Winston-Salem is close to halfway. Mr. BBQ has good 'Q and is located a short distance off I-40...they also have a variety of kid-friendly food. 1381 Peter's Creek Parkway. I'm not aware of much good 'Q west of Winston-Salem along I-40.

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      I gladly second Mr. BBQ. 3 stop lights off the highway.

    2. Clark's Barbecue in Kernersville is close to I-40. There are two Little Richard's locations in Winston Salem that are excellent. This does NOT include the store in Clemmons. Further west on I-40, Snook's in Advance and Deano's in Mocksville may be worth the short detour.

      1. Okie Dokies off the Swannanoa exit just outside of Asheville is good stuff.The cheese grits are great.

        1. Thanks for all the tips folks! Will let you know what we chose & how we liked it!

          Looks like Asheville is a hot topic on this board currently.