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Jun 17, 2008 09:37 PM

Zihuatanejo Fine Dining recs?

Four of us will be traveling to Ixtapa/Zihua next month, staying at the Tides. I was hoping to find some recs for a special occasion dinner. I've already searched the board and found plenty of wonderful suggestions for cheap eats but can't seem to find any upscale recs. Money isn't a concern, we're just hoping for the best Ixtapa has to offer!

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  1. I can think of several:

    In no particular order, Villa del Sol, Kau-Kan (great sea view from their rooftop terrace), and, of course, La Casa Que Canta (ditto on the view). BTW, there are several reviews of the restaurant at La Casa Que Canta on Chowhound. Do a more focused search; you'll find them.

    If you're going to have several dinners in Zihua I'd also eat at La Casa Vieja (not posh or fancy at all, they but have quite good food--try the grilled quail).

    1. For a unique experience, I'd get a cab and head on down to Hotel Las Palmas on Playa Blanca. Really fresh ingredients, nice selection of choices, great drinks. You must have reservations. We've stayed there for our last 2 winter trips and loved hotel and the restaurant. To make the night even better, consider first going to La Barra de Potosi .. for drinks, apps, swimming, then go to Hotel Las Palmas for dinner.