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Jun 17, 2008 09:09 PM

Cake Baking Question

My son can't decide between chocolate or yellow cake for his birthday and since it's his 16th, I said I'd do both. I want to bake one layer of choc. cake, one layer of yelllow cake, split each, and alternate to make a four-layer cake with coconut filling (his favorite). Here's my question: instead of baking two separate batches of cake and ending up with two extra layers (since I only need one layer of each), is there any reason I can't make a standard yellow cake recipe, bake half like it is and add some melted unsweetened or bittersweet choc to the rest of the batter before baking? That way I only end up with one layer of each flavor and presumably they'd be pretty close in texture. Any obvious reason this won't work? Is there anything else I have to add in addition to the melted chocolate?

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  1. I wouldn't just add melted chocolate because the extra fat might affect the cake and how it rises. I have substituted flour with some good quality cocoa powder. Leave out a 1/2 cup of flour today. Divide batter in half. Add 1/4 c flour to one half, 1/4 c cocoa powder to other half. To the cocoa half, espresso powder would give it an extra zing--you won't taste it but it's so good that way. Or, if there's any liquid in your recipe, use strong coffee.

    Or, you could do the reverse and replace flour for half the cocoa in a chocolate cake batter and water for coffee, like this one:

    1. Maybe try a recipe for marble cake, and instead of marbling the chocolate batter, bake it as a layer...