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Jun 17, 2008 08:34 PM

A New (or Old) Bug?

Twice today, most recently in this thread ( ), when I added a reply to a message that was itself a reply (i.e., my reply was NOT to the initial message), after my message was posted, the page scrolled up to the very top, not to the point where my reply was placed.

(BTW, the "Saving" message still sometimes does not appear after an edit, requiring that the page be refreshed to see any edits applied.)

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  1. I've been seeing this problem for several days (4? 5? 7? more?). But I didn't bother to report it before - there's soooo much wrong that reporting problems would take all my time. (Tonight, however, I'm bored because food-related posts are way, way down - probably because of all the recent problems.)

    Anyway, I see this problem whenever I post a reply. I also see it when I click on a "Re: whoever" link in a reply to expand the post that is being replied to.

    I'm using IE6.


    1. In my message above, that's: the "Saving" message still sometimes does not DISappear after an edit...

      1. I, too, have noticed the scrolling up to the top problem.

        With regard to the "Saving" situation, the biggest problem I've encountered going back a long, long time is that once I've edited and saved, my edited version almost never re-appears. In order to see it, I have to refresh the entire page and click back on the thread on which I just posted and edited. Then, of course, all the previous posts open, which then means if I've replied to a post in the middle of the page, I have to scroll down to find my edited post. Of course, if I'm lucky, my post is at the bottom of the thread, so finding it is much easier.