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Jun 17, 2008 08:27 PM

Westside Watering Hole With Good Food

I am looking for a weekend night place that you can hang out in a nice bar area and have either a good glass of wine or a nice fun drink before eating something tasty or small plate (preferably burger or ethnic)

If Trader Vic's was edible or if Fathers Office was not such a sardine waiting to pounce scene, either would fit the bill.

I haven't been to AOC, maybe somewhere in Culver City or Venice?

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  1. Would Wilshire suit you? Nice bar and drink area, then pretty darn good food too.

    In Venice, you could also get a drink and food at Chaya Venice or for a more upscale bar atmosphere, try Joe's. Primitivo is another option too.

    As simply a bar with decent food, South is a new interesting addition to SaMo, and the Parlor is more sports bar-ry. Neither of these is ethnic though, but burgers at both.

    1. What's wrong with F.O. Culver City? I just went tonight, and it was nice, and no rush for a table. The burgers are smashingly good.

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        I've been 3 times now, including last Friday around 9, and have always found it busy but totally manageable. Always somewhere to sit and no problem getting served.

        I'd also recommend Bar Marmont to the north.

      2. Beechwood sounds right. Not ethnic but good burgers and other choices.

        1. Library Alehouse has some decent food.

          Ethnic, think about Musha.

          1. Fraiche in CC has a meatball sub on the bar menu (or did). Good wines, cocktails and nice bar menu. Akasha also has a nice bar and some great onion rings. Beechwood in Venice is another great option