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Jun 17, 2008 08:13 PM

Good food near Nikon Theater at Jones Beach?

four of us are hitting Robert Moses in the morning and then checking into a hotel close by before seeing JT on Saturday night at Nikon Th at Jones Beach. Any suggestions for a light but excellent meal, preferably fresh fish, in that vicinity???

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  1. where's the hotel? there's really nothing in jones beach.the closest you will do ok would probably be in long beach.

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    1. re: davmar77

      there is a ton in Long Beach or Point Lookout which is on the left after you come off the loop -- you got the clam bar which is a seafood take out stand -- amazing soups or fisherman's catch or Lazy pelican or Jo jo apples or olive oils (great italian

    2. Snaps on Wantagh ave. in Wantagh, (just off the Wantagh State Pky), or Per Un Angelo, (I think) at the Jones Beach Hotel.

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      1. re: csweeny

        Agree, Per Un Angelo in the JB hotel has excellent food and service and ambience.

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          hmm,i'll have to check that one out for myself.thanks.

        2. re: csweeny

          Snaps also offers a discount if you show them your ticket to your Jones Beach concert. I think it's 10% off your dinner total. Might be cash only. Check it out on their website Call and ask if they are still offering the discount.

        3. Hey! the Nautilis Cafe looks interesting. the menu looks good. has anyone been there?

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          1. re: beachbaby

            in frreport? yea,pretty good.not amazing.that area has such potential.there's no great places along woodcleft canal/nautical's all location and not much more.a great restaurant would clean up there.hudson and mcoy is a city wannabe and they charge as such.mediocre at best but once again,good location.many places there have live music in the summer too.

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              thanks for the info. is there a place between uniondale and wantagh that you do recommend?

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              Nautilus Cafe was my favorite in Freeport till we had a bad meal & bad service one night a couple of years ago. My mother-in-law, who eats out a lot, still swears by it. My favorite in Freeport is Rachel's, though only for dinner. Nice fresh seafood, and fairly convenient to Jones Beach.

              1. re: amymsmom

                Just wanted to thank all of you for your suggestions. We ended up at the Nautilis Cafe, because we wanted to have a reservation and Rachel's did not have one available. The food was very good; the service was great! I would go there again. All the dishes were fine but the best was the Day Boat Scallops, fresh and lovely. Also, the spinach served as a side was fresh and delicious!