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Jun 17, 2008 08:03 PM

Balthazar--quick report

I'd been to Balthazar for brunch before but thought it was too frenetic and the food so-so for brunch. I went for dinner with my sister and a friend tonight and we had a great time. We lucked into a table (unfortunately near the hostess stand) right when we got there around 7:30. The restaurant was packed. Nevertheless, we had a good meal and attentive service over more than a few glasses of Pol Roget champagne. We split a cheese plate and Balthazar salad to start. I had soft shell almondine (a Tuesday night special), which was priced at only $24--2 well-prepared soft shells over a very generous portion of asparagus. Sister (vegetarian) had the ravioli, which were very good. Friend had a very nice-looking and generously-portioned skate. We also split a side of fries. For dessert, I had a great tarte tatin, my sister the lemon millefeuille (possibly the best dessert of the brunch, and I'm not a huge lemon fan), and her friend a nice banana ricotta tart.

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  1. Sounds good, Lucia. Thanks for the report. I haven't been in while, and it's time to go back. I am glad to hear they are on their game.

    1. Oh, I am so glad to read this! Am going with a girlfriend there tomorrow night.

      1. Nice report. I've always been a fan of Balthazar and aside from one bad weekday breakfast (my friend ordered one thing and got something completely different), I've always really liked my meals and the atmosphere there.