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Jun 17, 2008 07:49 PM

New to the list and area


My husband and I moved here from Northern NJ and I was wondering if anybody could recommend a nice diner in the Plymouth Meeting/Conshohocken area? We just tried Ray's and it was....ok. The menu was extremely limited we thought, Although the coffee milkshake was very good. We used to go to The Park West Diner on Rt. 46 in Little Falls NJ. It is the best diner I have ever been to and I am in morning. It served the best motzah ball soup in the world...sigh... Anyway, we would love to find a new place around here. We would also love to hear about cool, inexpensive retaurants in the area. Thanks so much!

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  1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but especially since you are from Dinerland USA, you are going to be rather disappointed with the diners on this side of the river and specifically the area you are asking about. While Ray's used to be very good, even compared to Jersey diners, it is a shell of what it once was. The service has gotten brutally slow and the food is simply mediocre.

    1. I grew up in northern NJ, and remember going to the Claremont Diner in (I think) Verona. Now THAT was a diner! But, sad to say, when you left NJ, you left diner country. Oh, I'm sure there are a few decent ones in the Philly area, but they're few and far between. If you DO find one that measures up to the Park West Diner, please be sure to let us know.

      1. Sorry, Your Spiciness, but we're not in diner country. I agree with you about Ray's but, if you pass Ray's and make a right at Rt. 202 and go through the next light at Township Line Rd., there is a large diner on the left (name escapes me.) However, going straight up Germantown Pike to Swede Square Shopping Center (next major intersection after 202) there is the Jem Restaurant with its collection of genuine (and undusted) 1950's memorabilia, a diner menu and populated by a cast of boomers (and their parents) regulars. Continuing on up the Pike to Collegeville, you will pass Deeg's in Evansburg which is a great place for b'fast or lunch. Family owned, slow service (their kids work on weekends) but cheap and homey.Great homefries. And free coffee with any order. If the lot is full there (often is), go up into Collegeville and the Collegeville Diner is across from the Wawa at 3rd St. Huge menu, baking on premises and a better value compared to Ray's. If in Collegeville for lunch, Satchmo's (tiny little hole in the wall a few yards up Main across from the Diner) has great shakes and an array of Cajun lunch items. The crawdad hero with sweet mustard sauce is heart-clogging magnificent.The crab gumbo is very good but too hot and filling for summer fare.

        The old Gateway Diner on Ridge Pike in Trooper was probably what you are looking for. Great coffee, typical diner fare, a 65-ish beehive blonde who called everbody "Hon," and an elderly owner who took at least three minutes to make change from a $20. It is one of the few stainless steel diners I know of in existence (with original mosaic tile floor) and, even though closed for over two years, the sugar dispensers,, S/P shakers and full napkin holders are still on the tables. Eerily sad. Get a few pix before it's bulldozed into history.

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          Thanks Chefpaulo, what a great reply. I think we will check out your recommendations and report back. And thanks to everybody who replied. I love a good culinary adventure/project. I'll let you know how it goes:) I also got a recommendation to try the Trolly Car Diner near Chestnut Hill. Is it worth it? My Mom lives near there so we can always go when we visit her. This is a great forum, I can't wait to read more! Thanks again!

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            Also, you might want to try the Fairlane Grill, on Bethleham Pike. Not strictly a diner but dinerish and wonderful breakfasts. You will probably have to wait on a weekend morning because it's tiny and very popular.

        2. My wife and I have been hitting up Minella's on Rt 30 in Wayne for diner fixes these days. One of the better diners I've been to in the area with all the usual diner menu features I expect including some Greek items and a pretty solid dessert collection.

          Oh and we dig the breakfast at the 401 Diner in Conshy. They've got some interesting variations on eggs benedict. Haven't eaten there for anything other than breakfast.

          1. Others may disagree with us, but DH and I really enjoy the Blue Bell Diner near the intersection of 73 and 202. They are under new management and just reopened at Easter. They are very busy on the weekends, give them a try.

            I believe the place Chefpaulo mentioned on 202 is the TT diner (or double T or something) we went there once. I did not enjoy it. Rays was much better when we first moved to the area 3 years ago, it's gone way downhill - especially since the blue bell diner stole some of their better servers! :)