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Jun 17, 2008 07:28 PM

Chulent Recipe/Ingredients (moved from Kosher board)

Ok fellow Chowhounders the time has come for me to get married. By this time next week I will be at my 3rd Sheva Brachos. By July, my Kallah and I will be preparing our first Shabbos by ourselves for the first time. Neither of us have any experience in making some good old Chulent.

This is where you guys come in. I need recipes, just not ordinary recipes. I know how to put barley, potatoes and meat in a crock pot. Although, I do not know how to make flavorful, thick and liquidy Chulent. Is Kishka mandatory? Can tomatoes be put in? What's a better base, barley or beans? HELP!

I am also looking for random ingrediants that have worked well for you in your Chulent. I've heard of beer, chicken wings, ketchup, honey, scotch, tobasco sauce, various kugels, paprika, even pineapple being put into Chulent.

Also, when is the best time to turn on the crock pot? Thursday night, friday morning or friday before sunset? And how much is enough for 2 people?

Thanks for all the help and input.


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  1. Friday right before Shabbos. Marrow bones (two or three for a small one) really make a difference in flavor and texture. Real onions. Chile powder (not too much). Mix in some slices of carrot and sweet potato with the potatoes and beans. Barley base with a quarter that measurement of mixed beans. Salt, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, a bit of ketchup. Don't cheat on the meat. Flanken all the way. Kishke should be half-wrapped in light foil so it keeps its shape and doesn't grease up the cholent too much. Each crockpot is different with regard to how much of your ingredients should be placed and how well it will cook. In other words, get to know your wife and your crockpot. Wife first.

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      Definitely wife first - my wife came from a family where very few heavy stews were serevd so she is not a big fan - dwfinitely flanken or chuck - I agree with a barley base, and navy beans potatoes, onions and garlic and kishke - some oddities I have seen used are garbanzo beans, raw eggs (they cook and take on the color and taste of the cholent), - also have fun by using different spices you can change the flavor profile as well - ;like making a tex-mex with jalapeno's and cilantro or try for persian style cholent

    2. Some things that I've done - chipotle with adobo sauce for a nice smokey, spicy flavor. Quinoa instead of barley for a gluten-free meal.

      Be forewarned, however. For 2 people, you are likely to have to use a smaller crockpot. While bones may be a good bonus, you need not prioritize them. It depends on what you prefer.

      Yukon golds make for the best potato addition.

      It is pretty difficult to mess up cholent, so good luck and enjoy.

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        Is chipotle with adobo sauce available with a hechsher? I don't recall ever seeing it, but have seen many recipes calling for it. Where can it be obtained?

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          Fairway and Gristedes both sell it. The Roland brand has had the VK-Aleph Aleph and now has, if I recall correctly, an OK (could be kof-k or star k). Goya, I think, has a straight up K.

          If you do use it, note that one pepper goes a long way.

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            Some authorities don't think very well of the Aleph Aleph. However, some canned goods (including the can of chipotle in adobo that I used for a kiddush last week) also carry the KMD, another Mexican heksher. As far as the rabbis I consulted were concerned, the KMD is solid. I found the peppers in our largest Latino supermercado (in NC).

            Btw, kishke improves EVERYTHING.