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So Many Burgers - So Little Time (Las Vegas)

I will be in Vegas for a few days in early July. I have been told that BLT Burger at the Mirage opens July 1, but I'll believe that when I taste it.

Anyway, I'm looking for a decent, not overly expensive, burger place (besides Fatburger or other large national chains) that's either on the strip or on Fremont Street (I'm staying downtown but will be spending a bit of time on the strip), and I've got a few places besides BLT on my list. Burger Bar is a given, but how do you rate these others:

Stripburger (Fashion Show Mall)

Cheeseburger Las Vegas (Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood)

Burger Brasserie (Paris)

Hennessey's Irish Pub (downtown, near Neonopolis)

Burger Palace (Imperial Palace)

Margaritaville (Flamingo - is the "Cheeseburger in Paradise" anything more than hype?)

-- Don

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  1. If you are not from the west coast, I would make a trip to In N Out. It's a chain, but it will surprise you. I would throw out Margaritaville...not impressed on many levels. If you head off strip a bit, try a Kobe Burger at Steiner's Pub. A few years ago, when I used to live in Vegas, it was a staple for me. Good Luck

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      I'm from the San Francisco area (I used to live near the first, if not still the only, In & Out that does not have a drive-thru window (the city it is in wouldn't allow it, mainly because it's too close to a McDonald's that has one), and I'm trying to stick to places that aren't available near here (there's a Fatburger not too far from where I live as well, which is why I didn't include it either).
      To be honest, I'm not impressed by In & Out's burgers, especially for the price, but I have gone out of my way to get my hands on their fries.

      1. re: That Don Guy

        You and I must be the only people on the planet that isn't impressed w/ In & Out. I have friends from the Midwest and East Coast that make me take them there every time they visit, for some odd reason...

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          No, you're not the only ones. I'm from L.A. and there's an In & Out within a mile of my house, but I never go there. I think their burgers are slimy and their fries, even if ordered well done, are undercooked.

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            I agree that there are better burgers, but it has been my experience that friends from the East coast who have never had one, are suitably impressed. I have other burgers that are my go to, but every couple of months, I crave the "taste" of the double double

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              wow you crazys!!! i love it ALL!! hahaha

            2. re: Debbie W

              Oh cmon! A #1 animal style, fries well? How can you NOT like it??

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                There are In & Outs all over the place here in Vegas and I rarely go. I don't see what all the fuss is about, maybe it's some sort of "hip" factor or something. Their beef patties are tiny (their burgers seem to be about 75% bun, 20% condiments and 5% meat) and the fries are limp and greasy. Yes I've ordered the fries well done and then they were hard as a rock and burnt beyond recognition. For fast food burgers here I'd take a Fat Burger any day. Their beef patties are about 5 times the size of I & O's and their fries and shakes are better too.

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                  Many people do not know of In N Out's secret menu. If their double-double is not sufficiently meaty for you, you can order the burger at any size you want, 4x4, 6x6, even 10x10, if you so choose to have a burger with 10 patties on it. There does appear to be a new policy, though, limiting the largest size to 4x4, but that seems to be new, and not all locations are enforcing it.

                  I prefer my fries Animal Style, which means cheese, their 1000 island spread and grilled onions poured over the fries.


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            Wow, that's funny. I like their burgers but loathe their fries. But even as someone who grew up with their burgers and think they're good, I do agree they get way overrated.

            IMO, it's a solid above average fast food burger at a reasonable price. A double double and a soda is a cheap comfort meal for me.

        2. I've only been to Stripburger(great), Cheeseburger Las Vegas (decent enough), and Burger Bar (I thought way overrated, but people on this board seem to love it, so draw your own conclusions). I'd definitely go back to Stripburger! I

          1. Not a burger place per se, but the burger at Mesa Grill (Caesars) is excellent, and big enough to share.

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              Stripburger is my favorite on the strip (the atomic fries are excellent, shakes are yummy, too). I like Burger Brasserie (try the waffle fries) better than Burger Bar. I don't care for Cheeseburger Las Vegas. I've only had corned beef sandwiches at Hennessey's.

              Another option that's not your average burger, that's great, is the Kobe Burger with Vermont Cheddar at Stack inside the Mirage.


            2. Dined at the Burger Bar yesterday and well, I was a little underwhelmed. I may have not done a great job of ordering. The beer selection is however, amazing.

              1. Best burger value on the Strip, IMO, is at BOA in the Forum Shops at Caesar's for lunch. IIRC, you can choose Kobe or prime beef, and they're $12-14 for the burger and fries. They've got a steak sandwich for similar price that's outstanding, too. Just don't think you're having a cheap lunch then start ordering their cocktails :)

                1. Well, I'm back - as it turned out, BLT Burger did open on July 1, and in fact, I was their first customer. (I was a little surprised there wasn't more of a turnout when it opened; I got there 15 minutes before its scheduled opening, and nobody else was waiting to get in.) However, the burger underwhelmed; I think the use of shredded lettuce rather than leaf lettuce, as well as only a 7-ounce patty, had something to do with that.

                  As for the other places, Stripburger would have ranked atop my list but, for some reason, a burger cooked "medium" was charred on the outside; the nod goes to Burger Bar, although the only four places I got to were BB, BLT, Stripburger, and the deli at Binion's. (I did go to Hennessey's, but for dinner after having lunch at BB, so I had the salmon special instead of the burger.) I would have went to Cheeseburger LV, but it was the last day of my trip, I was in a downtown hotel, and I was nursing a pull in my leg from the previous day, so I stayed off the strip.

                  -- Don

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                    I went to BLT Burger yesterday and was really unimpressed. The burger was decent, nothing more, while two different types of fries and an order of onion rings all came out barely warm. If you still want to go and check it out, wait a while -- they still have a lot of kinks to work out. They only had half the restaurant open yesterday and were struggling to keep up.

                  2. I'm in the minority here, but we did not like the Burger Bar. Poor service and so-so burger. I would not go back. On the other hand, on our recent trip, we went to the Burger Brasserie at the Paris for the first time and it was fabulous! Fast friendly service and delicious food, both the burger and the fries were great. The Brasserie definitely beats Burger Bar in my book!

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                    1. re: Michelle

                      I live in Vegas and I'm a burger freak.

                      BLT is pretty good.
                      Burger Bar has gone down hill.
                      Stripburger sucks.
                      Burger Brasserie sucks.
                      Here's a "locals" tip: If you want a great Kobe burger for about 9 dollars, go to Burger Stop at 4912 S Eastern Ave: www.lasvegasburgerstop.com. It's not fancy and it's 20 minutes from the strip, but it's great.

                      1. re: jjo1953

                        Nine bucks? The Burger Stop website says $5.49 for a burger WITH fries.

                        Oh, maybe that's just a regular non-kobe burger?

                        1. re: jillso

                          jillso is right.

                          I had a double burger ($7.49) with garlic fries, which was about $9 with tax.

                          So now let me say this:
                          $5.49 FOR A KOBE BURGER, WITH FRIES!!!!!
                          Holy Cow! (Literally!)
                          How can you beat that?!