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Jun 17, 2008 07:07 PM

1 meal in chinatown - where?

Coming to NYC for the weekend with my wife and 5 yr old daughter (who was born in china) - we live in Boston and love authentic chinese food of all sorts but tend to prefer sichuan or northern dishes. Daughter loves tofu and noodles of all sorts :) Don't care so much about ambience - in fact prefer it to not be fancy - just care about delicious food.

We have time for one meal in Chinatown - either dinner Fri night or dim sum sat or sun.
So - if you could only do one meal, where would you go and what dishes would you order there?

David aka King Carnivore

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  1. That's a very good question. If you like quthentic Sichuan food, I would go straight to the Grand Sichuan (大四川)near the Bridge at 125 Canal Street. I never had bad food there. Everything is very good. Fuleen (富臨)is very good too. Just order what other chinese people are eating, but daily soup is a must. 11 Division St is the address. Better yet, a bus ride from chinatown to boston is only $15 or so. For Dim Sum, I would go for Hee Win Lai (喜運来)at 28 Pell St .

    1. Previous poster made some good recommendations. I'd add Ping's Seafood that that list. Excellent assortment of foods not often available in the U.S. Tell the hostess (not the waiter) after you're seated that you'd like to try things off the menu. Ask if they have had any abalone flown in lately.

      1. to go shanghi cuisene and order the soup dumplings (soup inside the dumpling) and the garlic egg plant. AMAZING... i always take outsiders here, and they are thoroughly impressed on the tasty meal and the price!