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Jun 17, 2008 06:46 PM

Reds and Sarah's in Wiscasset, Maine

had lunch at Sarah's today and the lobster roll was good, but did not bust my bubble for the $18 charge including fries and cole slaw.....
Walked across the street to Reds, and could not find a price that was being charged for Lobster Rolls, but I think they now are around $16..... I saw someone picking up their order and was amazed as to the small size of the lobster roll..... I really thought they were one whole lobster of meat, but it really did not look like it at all. the onion rings did look very good. It was about 12:45 and about 20 people were waiting to order.... Service appears to be exceptional slow, because they make everything to order....I did notice a sign out front thanking the following companies for giving Reds a writeup in the publications, such as American Airlines, etc. I purposely went across the street to eat at Sarah's because I did not want to sit on Reds picnic tables, 15' from Route 1, and smell the diesel fuel from the thousands of trucks that go by all day, besides Reds is at the bottom of a hill, so trucks are shifting at that point to climb the hill, and its very noisy, smelly, dangerous, and fast moving. The deserts at Sarah's looked very good, but looked better at Treats which is one block up the hill.......
I finished off the day with a visit to BIG AL'S CLOSEOUT CENTER, where he has some pretty good buys....... Next time, I certainly will choose the Sea Basket, where you can eat inside, relax a little, plenty of parking, good food, and still on Route 1, in the great State of Maine......

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  1. 18$ for a lobster roll at Sarah's does seem a bit steep. I was surprised when I visited how many options there were...and certainly how LARGE the portions were. I didn't get the lobster roll when I went, but one of the whale boats (I believe it's called), it was big! very bready...thought it was okay.

    1. This site has photos and write ups of many lobster rolls

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      1. The Lobster rolls at Reds are huge and have over a pound of lobster each. This week ours had a full tail (split) claws and leg meat.
        We have been to Maine several times and Reds is easilly THE best lobster roll. Yes you do have to wait as they cook to order. The tables are comfortable and you can not smell diesel fuel etc. LOL Sorry but that's a bit of a stretch. Amazingly no matter how busy Reds seems there are always open seats.
        The ratio of people going to Reds Vs across the street is about 100 to 1 which should say something about the following Reds has.
        I can understand why people would not want to wait in line.
        I will be posting full reviews of the pounds and restaurants we went to with photos in the next few days including a nice shot of the monster 1# plus lobster rolls at Reds.

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          We are twiced removed transplants to Maine but half of my family lives nearby and my brother, the real mainer, does Sarah's all the time. Good local food recomended by a local.....

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            Red's roll doesn't have one pound of meat, it has the meat of a one-pound lobster (supposedly).
            In a pound of lobster meat, there is approximately the meat of 2.5 to 3 whole 1-lb lobsters.

            1. re: jillso

              Reds advertises that they use more than a one pound lobster in each roll. Sorry if my post was misleading.
              I would guess that there was a solid six ounces of lobster meat in each roll. A full tail split, two claws and lots of extra meat including leg meat.
              Here's a photo but it's a little deceptive because the whoopie pies are elevated on the rim of the plate. Easilly the best lobster roll I have ever had and the biggest. I also liked that it wasn't a bunch of mayo and celery. Just lobster and drawn butter.

          2. I've been to Sarah's numerous times, and I have to say that the food has underwhelmed me. I really wanted to like it - the atmosphere is nice, the menu is fun, and the portions are huge. But the flavor? There wasn't any. None. I had to add a ton of salt just to taste SOMETHING each time I went there.

            1. I recently had lobster rolls in many of the towns along the coast, going north from Reds. Without exception - REDs is top shelf by far, both for quality and quantity. It is great to sit outside, by the water, and enjoy the food. All the other places were a letdown. BTW - I was on an extended motorcycle trip and ate these delicious things a minimum of 8 times. Wonderful.