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Jun 17, 2008 05:49 PM


I'm hooked on these. They are easy enough to find here in Toronto but when I visit home—Montreal—where can I score some? (Style not important as long as they pack deliciousness.)

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    1. I would second La Chilenita and add Las Palmas ... their empanadas are Colombian style with a sort of a cornbread covering and they're awesome

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        I third La Chilenita (3 locations). Sandwichmania has some good ones too. The Colombian ones at Las Palmas on Rachel are good but an entirely different beast. You could also try the Uruguayan empanadas at Churros Montreal on St-Hubert in Villeray.

        Check out this old thread:

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          I had the Empanada at Churros Montreal, it was a beef empanada, and it was deep-fried as opposed to baked. It was a lovely decadent treat, a nice change from the baked, slightly healthier empanadas from La Chilenita. Gotta love fried dough! The filling was very nicely seasoned as well. But because of the deep-fried thing, it will have to be an occasional treat only.

          I love the spicy sauce they give you at La Chilenita. good for what ails you.

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            The old thread has it right - Napo makes the best empanadas, at least the Argentine and Chilean varieties. If you are a cyclist, you can take the bicycle path up Boyer/Christophe-Colomb to Sauvé.

            I've never tried the Churros Montréal empanadas - will think of them when I'm next in that corner of my neighbourhood.

            Not all Uruguayan empanadas are fried - but like Argentine ones, if not they are made with a flakier (thus somethat fatty) tapa than Chilean ones are.

            Though I usually make my own, with Napo bakery tapas (shells, crusts) available at Boucherie St-Viateur (corner Beaubien and Casgrain) and at Andes (on St Laurent, between Marie-Anne and Mont-Royal) and Sabor Latino (formerly also Andes, corner Bélanger and St-Denis) ... and ground "game" meat (bison or deer) from Prince Noir at JTM.

            If you want recipes, there are plenty on "home cooking" on this board and probably in the recipes section.

        2. Howdy!

          And also available at Supermarche Andes Gloria (4387 Saint Laurent)

          1. Thanks to everyone for the helpful info.