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Jun 17, 2008 05:32 PM

Great Bakeries in New Haven where they make everthing on site

and need great chocolate please.

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  1. I don't know about "everything" on site, but I will start this off with what I know...

    Bread and Chocolate. Really good bakery and maker of chocolate cakes, pasties, cookies and brownies. Also soups, salads and sandwiches for lunch!
    2457 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT 06518‎ (203) 907-4079

    Atticus Bakery, dba Chabaso Bakery, 360 James Street is outlet store in Fair Haven and "Chabaso" is what you are buying at the Atticus Bookstore Café (1082 Chapel Street) Really like their breads!

    Judie's European Baked Goods, 63 Grove Street (203) 777-6300‎. Another with good reputation and my SO swears by.

    1. Marjolaine on State.

      Take the Cake in Guilford

      1. I also don't know a place that makes "everything" on site, but I do love The Big Y's bakery in N. Branford. They carry great, fresh, breads. For cake and cookies, try Pastry Fusion (also on Rt 80-Foxon Blvd, N. Branford). It's a little out of the way from New Haven, but I think it's worth the drive.

        1. Not in New Haven, but I would highly recommend Four and Twenty Blackbirds in Guilford. I'm not a huge fan of their focaccia, but their muffins, cakes, and tarts are terrific.

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            I had a cake from 4 & 20 once, it was incredible!

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              When you say you are not a fan of their focaccia what do you mean? I LOVE focaccia and usually have to make it myself since it seems hard to find around here. Is it the style? I would drive there if it's any good....

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                Four and Twenty Blackbirds is wonderful. The only problem with them is that they seem able to take a lot more vacations than you could imagine for a retail business ... which shows that they're pretty successful, I guess.

                The focaccia is available from time to time (especially weekend in my experience) in several varieties: one is ricotta, pignoli and (I think) olives, and there are two or three others. They come in two sizes, and my wife and I both love them. The big deal here is desserts, fresh fruit pies, chocolate things, key lime pies, etc. In season, they have the very best Irish soda bread there is, I think, and great hot cross buns (with or without almonds). The only things they don't make on site are some baguettes and onion ficelles, but those are excellent anyway.

                Hard to go wrong at 4&20 Blackbirds, unless you go there and find they're closed for vacation...

                1. re: linguist

                  They never have what you want. I live in town and try to shop at local shops. Their products are good, no question, but 3 out of the last 4 times I have been in I leave without anything. The peanut butter chocolate mousse cake is a good example. A guest brought one to a dinner at our house. Tried to order one today (Thursday) for Saturday and was told, no, not doing that this weekend. Order something else and maybe we will change our minds and you will get lucky!
                  I am done. Never again.

                  1. re: Debriefer

                    There is a place in that same plaza "La Rosticerria??" that does some great baked goods. Also, if you are looking for an awsome PB chocolate Mousse cake then go to Pastry Fusions in North Branford on Rt. 80. This cake is a staple at all of our birthday parties. Not cheap, bu this guy knows how to bake.

                    1. re: Debriefer

                      Ture, if there's something quite specific you want (other than staples like muffins and fruit tarts), you will often be disappointed at 4&20. Not to mention the fact that they seem to take more vacations than just about any other retail operation I know. On the other hand, if what you want is "a really nice dessert" and you're willing to try what they're making that day, you almost certainly won't be. Giving up on the place because they didn't (and/or won't) make a particular thing on a particular day isn't the best way to take advantage of their undoubted strengths. IMO.

                2. Julia's in Orange- more flavors of moist brownies than you could ever ask- not far from New Haven in Christmas Tree Plaza

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                    The last time...and I mean the absolute last time....I went to Julia's the service was so incredibly horrible. It wasn't even that busy and there must have been 20 or so kids working the counters but all were standing around doing nothing. If you asked for help with cakes their answer was "Oh I'm on the donut side. The cake person is on break"....I was in the area and needed a cake. Never again would I waste the time. I'd rather get a cake from COSTCO then waste an hour in that hell hole.