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Jun 17, 2008 05:19 PM

Best Bend, OR dining

We'll be spending 3 nights in Bend in a few weeks and are wondering about the best in downtown dining. In the past we've enjoyed meals at the Pine Tavern and the Grille at Crosswater (Sunriver). Merenda is definitely on our list but would like any thoughts about Cork, Volo, Blacksmith, Scanlons, Typhoon or any others missed. We'd like: interesting, innovative and preferably organic ingredients, a good wine list and nice atmosphere.


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  1. Add Ariana, skip Typhoon. Cork, Scanlons consistently good. Will add more later if time permits.

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    1. re: Steve K

      What else would you recommend in Bend? Also, anything in Sunriver worth trying? Thanks.

      1. re: landguy

        For your "likes", Ariana and Cork still shine. 28 for drinks & appetizers. Baltazar's for good Mexican AND a good wine list. Food and wine are too good at home, so are remiss in not yet trying Deep, Staccato's, Bistro Corlise, the "new" Giuseppe's. Forgot to mention avoid the local Anthony's. High Tides gets overlooked for excellent food in more of a cafe atmosphere. No knowledge re Sunriver; if you are looking to "get out of town", Jen's Garden in Sisters.

        1. re: Steve K

          Thanks very much for your input. We had a terrific time in Bend - you are lucky to have so many good restaurants. In the end we tried - the Blacksmith (pretty mediocre, very limited menu), Cork (excellent food, wine and service), and Merenda (again, very good). We often pass through Bend and look forward to trying more of your local eateries!