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Jun 17, 2008 05:06 PM

Rest and lounge needed for 7 fun gals to celebrate.

I'm looking for a fun, trendy NYC restaurant with good food and great energy to help my friend celebrate her upcoming wedding next Sat. There will be 7 of us gals all in our early to mid 30s. Would love something with an Asian or Latin flare but am open to any place that would have unique food and good atmosphere. Preferably meatpacking district or any place that would be good for going out afterwards. Also, would like recommendations for lounges we should check out. Not really into the club scene though.

Regarding Asian style restaurants, I've been to Spice Market, Buddakan, Kittichai, and Nobu. Granted my friends haven't been so I would be willing to go back to those places if one of them is the best choice. I was recommended Buddha Bar and watned to get thoughts on that also.

Thanks so much!

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  1. The food at Buddah Bar is not good--much worse than all of the others you've named. That being said, they do have lots of big round tables which may be what a group of seven celebrants is looking for. Just stay away from the sushi.

    1. This may not be exactly what you are looking for but it's worth considering. I had a GREAT time and the food was really good to. It's tapas, American, cool environment, and they have a burlesque show.
      the restaurant is Corio
      tix for show
      Makes for a wonderful girls night out.

        1. My awesome (and much trendier than me) best friend planned my bachette at Mercat, in NoHo. We were downstairs and it felt like our own lounge. Ask if they still do "patrons." (


          I have not been, but Son Cubano ( always looks and sounds fun.

          As for lounges, I don't have much advice.