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Jun 17, 2008 04:15 PM

Corduroy -- What not to miss??

We are going to dinner at Corduroy next weekend and wanted to see what's been very tasty recently at the new location. I have looked at some recent Corduroy chats but wanted to get the very latest from those that have been recently. What are the not to miss appetizers, mains and desserts?



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  1. Chef Power has been changing up the menu more recently. We went a few weeks ago and had a great meal. The biggest hits were the beet and goat cheese salad app, rack of lamb with amazing creamed spinach, and white salmon with the chardonnay sauce -- the same sauce as my all time fav Corduroy dish, the scallops with chardonnay sauce, which we were told that Chef Power was not serving because he could not get the same quality scallops at the time.

    The desserts were all hits. We had the strawberry tart with creamsicle and the choc tart with carmelized banana -- both were exceedingly mmmmmmm.

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      I'm so glad to hear that! Did they still have pork belly on the menu? That was always my favorite at Corduroy. I've got reservations Saturday for the first time since the reopening.

      Also, looking at their online sample menu, prices seem to be a bit higher than before? Can anyone confirm/deny that? I always loved Corduroy because of what a great bargain they were, but almost all the entrees listed on their website are now $28+.

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        Pork Belly was not on the menu when I was there, but the menu seemed to change week to week based on what was available, so it may be your lucky day.

        The menu seemed perhaps slightly more expensive than I remember at the old location, but I suspect the change simply reflects rising food costs.


    2. Went last night for the first time since it reopened. Nice looking dining room, and it was quiet, even with a full house at 8 PM on a Saturday. Another nice touch was to be able to see Chef Powers up close at the front of their open kitchen. I'm a big fan of the new digs, I must say...and so close to the Metro.

      I had the grilled sardines with kalamata olives (presented more like a tapanade). They were cooked and flavored pretty wonderfully. My dining companions had the duck egg and leg salad, which was arguably the high point of the night, the mixed greens and the red snapper soup. The presentation on the soup was beautiful - thinly shaved pieces of snapper were presented at the bottom of a shallow dish, and the soup was poured in on top if it. The snapper pieces were translucent; they kindof looked like sea shells or large fish scales. I thought it was pretty, anyways.

      For entrees, I was disappointed not to see any pork belly which was a favorite of mine at the old location. My companion and I shared the rack of lamb with garlic creamed spinach (another high point on the spinach), although I thought the lamb was a little over cooked to the rare that I had ordered. Our guests had the roast chicken, which was cooked perfectly and the salmon, which was also good.

      A note on this; evidently, the first time out our rack was overcooked. They caught it before it left the kitchen, and as a preemptive apology from the kitchen they gave us each a small plate of the lobster salad. Kudos for the excellent service there!

      I was a little underwhelmed by their dessert selections. We had the cheese plate, two duck egg creme brulees and the strawberry creamsicle thing. I'm not generally a big fan of creme brulee - I find it boring - but was intrigued by the duck egg. It was a very subtle difference from chicken egg, and I'm glad I ordered it, but I'm not sure I'd order it again. I thought the creamsicle dessert was cloying and I doubt I'd have finished it.

      The wine list has been expanded, and there are still a TON of great selections under $50, but it seems more homogenized and lacking some of the weird, crazy things that I loved about it originally. They were out of our first choice but were able to suggest a similar wine in a similar price range.

      So, to sum up: duck salad, creamed spinach were both huge hits. Everything else was great. They dealt with a service issue perfectly. A little disappointed in the desserts and wine list, and they are definitely more expensive than they used to be. But still totally worth it!

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        We were there Saturday night as well- group of 6 and were seated upstairs. Service was very attentive- the new bar area is very nice. We brougth our own wine, but was warned that we could only bring 2 bottles when I inquired about corkage fees when I made the reservation.
        For Apps- softshell crab was good- there was a tiny bit of delicious sauce on the plate- wish there were a bit more. Snapper soup was good but the lobster carpaccio was lacking intaste although it looked pretty- The old lobster salad app was a better option had it beenon the menu,
        One of us had the chicken- perfectly cooked as usual, one had the striped bass but was a bit disappointed- just ok, 2 of us had the veal ribeye- ordered rare- one was chewy but one was perfect.
        Dessert choices were a bit disaapointing- the chocolate sabayon was good as it always is- but could have omitted the mint ice cream- not may favorite flavor,

        They were out of the caramelized banana dessert although it was on the menu and our reservation was for 8 PM .

        Maybe I am being a bit picky- we had a good meal- the new digs are beautiful and the service was good, bringing our own wine was a plus for us. More dessert choices would have been good. The prices are higher than before-- I will go back- but it is not the bargain it seemed to be before. BTW- we liked the private feeling of the upstairs dining but I might be tempted to dine downstairs next time and watch the kitchen.

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          If they were out of the carmelized banana dessert too, then they were out of a lot of things; by the time we ordered, the squab was gone, the rockfish had been replaced by scallops, and they were out of the wine I ordered first. They were out of another app, but I forget which one; it wasn't something I was going to order.

          They did have the lobster salad though, our server said as a replacement for the missing appetizer. Or maybe it was as a special. In any case, it was available, and we ended up with some for the inconvenience of waiting for the lamb.

          1. re: reiflame

            Since there is little chance that there will be much walk-in traffic in this location, and the chef-owner is experienced, I wonder about the missing menu items.