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Jun 17, 2008 04:11 PM

Super H in Fairfax

I went to Super H in Fairfax on Saturday morning to buy produce and meat. IMO a lot of the produce did not look good (the way produce used to look at this store). I also bought thin pork chops with a sell by date of 6/19. Tonight I grilled them and both my husband and I thought the taste was not very good (we each had one and I ended up throwing the rest out). This was quite a shock for me as in the past I've always raved about everything I've purchased there. (when I opened the package the pork chops actually had a fishy odor so I rinsed them off and put fresh herbs and a little Italian dressing on them...didn't help). Has anyone else had a similar experience recently at Super H? I'm going to check out the new international supermarket in Reston tomorrow - it's farther away but it may be worth it.

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  1. I went there today, after having not gone for a few months, and also noticed a change in quality as well. I thought it was just me, but now I'm glad it's not just me. The loose carrots looked pretty dead (dried and decomposed looking), which was a contrast to what was there before. It just felt different.

    1. The Super H and el Grande (both owned by Super H) in Merrifield have also gone down in quality over the last year or so. Their fruit seems old, lemons/lime barely have any juice, and vegetables tend to go bad... fast! I've started driving out to Wegmans in Fairfax again just because I think they have the most fresh fruit (crunch apples... mmm) and its reasonably priced.

      1. Hey thanks a bunch for posting this-I was going to go out there as I am giving a party Monday...I need a pomegranate among other things-but everything else I can source elsewhere. THink I will skip the trip. (has anyone seen any pomegranates???)

        1. I forgot to add that when I walked past the bins of fish (lying out there in the open!), one of the fish had no eye. What a shame. This used to be such a great place to buy produce, seafood, meat and chicken.