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Jun 17, 2008 03:34 PM

Italian 00 flour, is it suitable for baking bread?

I've googled this but am unable to come to any conclusion! Has anyone tried doing so with good results?

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  1. 00 refers to how much a flour has been sifted and is the finest sift. It is good for foccaccia, but I would use the 0 for making bread. There are typically two types of wheat flour readily available in Italy, grano tenero and grano duro, and in a small supermarket you would find the grano tenero in both "0" and "00". Grano tenero is neither very high or very low in starch or gluten, and is fine for making bread.

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      I have never seen 0 flour in any supermarkets ive been to in the UK. Typically would it mean that 00 is too weak for bread since it has been sifted finely?

      1. re: purplishrose

        There are loads of good high gluten flours in the UK that I would rec. instead of "0". You can check the gluten in the flour by reading the nutritional list of ingredients, where you will find the amount of protein. It should be somewhere between 13 and 15 grams. Save the "00" for making cakes, pasta or foccaccia.

        1. re: purplishrose

          You need to buy strong white (or wholemeal) bread flour which you will find in any decent supermarket in the UK.

        1. It's often combined with rye flour to create that special shiny crackly crust .