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Jun 17, 2008 03:20 PM

25 year old girls, foodies, but cant spend too much..

Hi there

My 2 friends and I are going to be in Paris for the next 5 days and looking for great cafes and restaurants to try. We are staying in the 10th but will travel around.

We like delicious but affordable places but not touristy. Would like to especially try anything French.
Friday night is a friends birthday and we wanted to go somewhere with good food, fun crowd etc Euro100 pp max. Definately like to feel full at the end of the meal so prefer generous portions.

We were recommended KONG, Cantine du Faubourg, Cafe de l'homme , Pershing Hall, Asian - any comments?


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  1. Quedubon on Rue du Plateau in the 19th is wonderful and afforadable - lunch and dinner Mon-Sat.

    1. Pershing Hall & Asian : if you're a "foodie" then avoid these places as they are "trendy" more than anything else. You'll pay for the decor, not for the food. Can't comment on the other ones you mention.
      If you want to try traditional french and you are on a budget then I would suggest:

      Aux Fins Gourmets (213 Boulevard St Germain)
      Benoit (One Michelin star if you care for such things...)
      L'ami Louis
      Mon Vieil Ami

      Most gastronomic restaurants have lunch menus for less than €100 so it may be an option as well.

      Bon appetit.

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        The other ones are the same -- mostly trendy, see and be seen, not for foodies. As I wrote recently, le Café de l'Homme has the most wonderful terrace.

        Best deal in town for foodies are: Chez l'Ami Jean, La Régalade ("bistronomiques", lively atmosphere and 32eur set menus) -- papillon recs are good too but far more expensive (you'll have to be careful to stay under 100eur pp).

        Among the good value gastronomical lunches, keeping it under 100eur for real, you have 55 eur lunch at La Table de Joel Robuchon and 60 eur meal at Le Paris, both including water, wine, coffee and three courses. Both really great. In hyper traditional style I also think very highly of Gérard Besson (see comments on my blog) and his 60 eur lunch menu (+ beverage).

        Top restaurants also have 80-90 lunch menus (les Ambassadeurs, le Meurice, Rostang, Savoy, etc) but you'll have to stick to tap water and no coffee (not that there's anything wrong it, imo, or that they would take it wrong -- but you would be missing an important charm of the place at Savoy).

        1. re: papillon0970

          I have to disagree with the l'Ami Louis recommendation. Its not budget in any sense of the word - even if you share dishes. If you are considering L'Ami Louis you should read the other thread on it. I think one poster mentioned the foie gras was 70E.

          Perhaps the person who posted that meant l'Ami Jean in the 7e. You might not be able to get a dinner reservation there at this late date but you might try at lunch. Show up just before noon and you might get in.

        2. I would love to hear where you ended up with your dinners and your celebrations. There are so many wonderful and affordable places to dine in Paris. I am sorry no one recommended Macéo for your birthday celebration. It has such great food and so reasonable.