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Jun 17, 2008 03:10 PM

Great affordable lunch places near Madeleine /Opera

Hi gourmandes

I am working around Madeleine and looking for good affordable lunch places maybe with Prix Fixe menus..

any suggestions?

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  1. "Great" and "affordable" does not compute; certainly not in this upscale area. However, there are two Viet places that are decent and cheap, relatively. Le Moi, on rue Daunou, and Le Santal. Both are popular with the office crowd; go early or late if you don't want to wait.

    1. Not exactly great, but dependable cuisine in a nice setting can be had at the Royal Madeleine, just off the S.E. corner of Place Madeleine on Rue Chevalier du dt. Georges. This is a sister resto to the more famous Escargot Montorgeuil. We have a friend who works at a bank nearby that ate there with us and thinks it better than average for the area.

      1. Try the Royal Madeleine on Rue Chevalier St. Georges which is just off the SE corner of Place Madeleine. We have a friend who works in a bank close by that lunched there with us and we agreed that it was better than most for the price in the area.

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          Sorry for the double post; chalk it up to old age, non cyber generation error.

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            Try the Foyer de la Madeleine, in the basement of La Madeleine itself.

            This is from NY Times (October 2007):

            <<This place is known either by cash-poor students, old people from the neighborhood or devouts. For 8.50 euros ($12.07 at $1.42 to the euro), you get a three-course menu (starter, main course and cheese or dessert), with chicken legs and French fries rather than confit de canard. The food is served by volunteers (usually charming old ladies), under a vaulted cellar, in the peristyle of the Madeleine Church. You can also spend .60 euros more for a coffee. It is quirky, old-fashioned but such an experience.>>

        2. I'm latching on to this post because I will also be staying in the Opera area next month. After reading this and other boards for a while I picked a few restaurants to book, the basic premise being that we wouldn't be able to handle more than one large meal a day. These are the restaurants I've booked so far:
          Chez Flottes; Goumard; Le Grand Cafe Capucines (post-theatre); Le Vaudeville.
          Also on my list, to be booked once we get there and can ask the concierge to call: Le Florimond; Chez Georges (Rue du Mail); Chez l'Ami Jean; L'Escargot Montorgeuil (undecided).

          I thought for lunch we'd stick to crepes or other rapid stuff, perhaps a Lebanese meal at Noura, and of course pit-stops at Herme' and Laduree.

          All comments welcome. Thank you.

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            We like Chez Flottes for lunch; we usualy order a Croque Imperial or Croque Provencal (all veggie) with a side of frites and a pichet of the house red. Sit in the bar or at one of the outside tables. The location is great if you plan on using the metro; Concorde is just across the street.

          2. Chez Tante Louise is the late Bernard Loiseau's bistrot. Don't miss their veal kidney if you like that sort of thing. They have plenty of less funky food if you prefer. And they are rue Cambon. And they have a good value lunch menu.

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              Souphie, isn't Tante Louis on Boissy-D'Anglas? I haven't been there in years; but have fond memories. The lunch menu was less than half the regular carte price, as I recall.

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                If you're not looking exclusively for French cuisine, Gambino on rue Gomboust is a nice Italian place with surprisingly good pizza. Their 'pizza genovese' was excellent.