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Jun 17, 2008 02:57 PM

Hutch & Harris, Winston-Salem. Anyone lived through a visit?

We'll be in Winston Salem for lunch and read about Hutch & Harris. Sounds like our kind of place but so far not a peep out of anyone. Is it that bad? Are you all keeping it secret? Or is it not worth a visit?

If not, where would you send someone you liked?

Looking for nice place with decent service. No cue. We have Noble's as backup. Thanks everyone.

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  1. H & H is great! Definitely worth a visit. Also downtown, and well worth checking out are Sweet Potatoe's and Downtown Thai.

    1. never been but understand they do a good happy hour 5-7.

      1. Not exactly the response I expected. So we went back to Nobles. Hard decision between meat loaf and lasagna which was highly recommended so we ordered both. Meat loaf was missing demi-glace and lasagna was cold but tasty. To make it up to us, manager was nice enough to offer dessert on the house. If it weren't comped, we would have sent back the gelato which was quite icy.

        Maybe it was just an off day. We'll give them another chance. And we will try Hutch & Harris sometime soon.

        1. Not bad, just very new. I think it opened only a couple of months ago. As did Wolfie's, the frozen custard spot two doors down.

          1. Been there several times and never been disappointed. Great value and even better food. Try the pimento cheese pizza as an appetizer and any of the wonderful fish dishes they prepare. They make a killer Bloody Mary. Try it, you will like it.

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              Pimento cheese pizza? Please describe. I may have to give this an at home try soon since I'm several hours away from W-S.

              Lee, pimento cheese junkie