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Jun 17, 2008 02:42 PM

Theatre-District Sushi equivalent to Gari or Seki?

My favorite place in the city used to be Cotan on West 3rd, but sadly that has closed. The places that I enjoy now are Sushi of Gari, Sushi Seki, and occasionally Tomoe, all out of my way because I live in the UWS. I'm also a theatre-goer so I'm constantly in the theatre-district.

I've been to Shimizu. It is decent, but the rolls are really nothing special. I was also recommended by someone to go to Ikura, and the sushi was a complete let down.

Are there any Sushi of Gari / Sushi Seki equivalents in the theatre-district? Thanks in advance.

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  1. There is a Gari on 46th St. between 8th & 9th - called Gari Sushi. Haven't been though.

    1. Unfortunately, pickings are very slim for sushi in the theatre district. I haven't tried the Gari outpost, yet, but we have found that Sushi Jun has the best quality fish in the hood (other than Shimizu). It is very small and doesn't have much atmosphere, but if quality is what you are going for, I would recommend Sushi Jun. Cannot say they have the most creative rolls though...

      1. Have you tried Sushi of Gari on Columbus and 78th? Sushi Zen on 44th between 6th and Broadway is pretty good.

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          sushi zen is good....sushiden on 49 between 6/7 a bit better. won't knock you over with innovative preparations but for high quality fish served well in a nice setting, they are right up there.