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Jun 17, 2008 02:39 PM

Best Pasta?

A friend of mine has her parents coming into town this weekend from Indiana. Her mom LOVES fresh pasta. Best recommendations? Anywhere in Manhattan will do.

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    1. I assume you mean prepared in a restaurant, in which case the linked thread has great recommendations. If you're looking to buy fresh pasta, Raffetto's on Houston is awesome and Borgatti's ravioli (Arthur Ave in the Bronx) is exceptional.

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        1. Go to Il Cortile in Little Italy. Great fresh pasta. Fun neighborhood, especially for an out-of-towner.

          1. Aurora in Soho has great fresh pasta. Also try Lupa. I'd avoid little italy altogether, as you can have a really bad meal there and it's all tourists(but thats just my personal opinion).

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              second lupa... though getting a table can be a pain. put your name down and get cocktails a couple blocks away at pegu club, then return in 45.

              if the weather's nice, bar pitti on 6th ave btwn houston and bleeker is also great. wait's for outdoor seats... not always for indoor. get the burrata as a starter.