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Jun 17, 2008 01:49 PM

Boccalone at Ferry Building -- Opening Tomorrow (6/18)

I was at the Ferry Building Tuesday market today, and there was a woman handing out samples and telling people Boccalone is opening tomorrow. In addition to 24 kinds of cured meats, they're also going to be offering a couple of sandwiches. If the sample I had today (longanisa with arugula and thin sliced white peaches and red onion, IIRC) was anything to go by, the sandwiches are going to be darn good.

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  1. Yum, I can't wait to try it!

    Dave MP

    1. I was hanging around on Sunday evening - they had a "friends & family" sneak peek - it looks fantastic - I'll be in line on Wednesday!!

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      1. re: Debra Stuart

        Any updates on products and sandwiches in particular ?


          1. re: osho

            I had the hot Italian sausage sandwich for lunch today which was very tasty. The rolls are from Acme, crunchy but easy to eat, and the goathorn peppers with it were hot and sweet. They also carry the Dry soda range including my favorite - rhubarb. They only had two cold pannini today - proscuitto cotto, provolone, butter lettuce and mustard, and pork loin, peach, red onion and mint. The mixed salumi in paper cones are $3 (I think). Lots of free samples of salumi too. The prosciutto isn't available yet but it's in the big case with body parts attached.

            1. re: Debra Stuart

              Just went with a colleague, and I chose the hot sausage sandwich as well. They also had the pork loin cold panini as you've reported.

              I must say, the sandwich is excellent, the peppers work well, right amount of heat and great sausage. Definitely a great lunch option for me.

        1. Not that this will surprise anyone, but a Boccalone mixed salumi platter, an epi baguette from Acme, some Mt. Tam from Cowgirl Creamery, and peaches from Frog Hollow made an excellent taking-advantage-of-the-heat-wave picnic at the beach this past Friday.

          1. I had a fantastic pate sandwich (at least I remember it as pate), but went back and they weren't serving it. Does anyone know if they have a pate sandwich "day" or something?