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Jun 17, 2008 01:47 PM

the new Toro in DUMBO

Maybe it's me, but I cannot believe how awful this place is. The food, of course, is a terrible mix of Japanese/Chinese/Thai...and Spanish? Please say it isn't so.

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  1. To be fair, I should mention that I actually tried it (rather than just voicing an uninformed opinion). The sushi was not fresh, and not well cut. The 'thai' dish I had was even less Thai than the usual american-chinese-thai that could be obtained in anytown USA: underspiced, a bit greasy, and again not too fresh. I know this is a tourist trap, but do they have to make it so obvious?

    1. i didn't have high hopes, but it's too bad. we could use a good restaurant in DUMBO.

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        Don't worry, they will be out of buisness soon. No restaurant has lasted more than 2 years in that spot. But after the park comes in...look out.

      2. We ordered from there last night out of sheer boredom with the other delivery options nearby. We had low confidence and were ready to dump it and eat leftovers if it sucked, but we were plesantly surprised. We didn't order sushi due to other reports and the fact that it was Sunday so we played it safe -- Kung Pao Chicken and "Golden" Chicken which is their version of Sesame Chicken. Both were surprisingly decent. The Kung Pao was fairly generic and not particularly authentic -- not alot of peppers or heat and no peanuts! That said, it was still good thanks to baby asparagus and french beans that were crisp and just firm enough to have some bite. The sauce was thin rather than gloppy and the chicken was thinly sliced and white meat. The Golden chicken was - - shockingly -- superior and a winner. Seriously. Again, no nasty chicken bathing in gloppy sauce, rather white meat chunks that were crispy, not greasy, and sprinkled with black sesame seeds and resting on a bed of bok choy. I wouldn't hesitate to order this again and it def blew away Fortune House and Andy's with respect to this (admittedly lame) preparation. We ordered carefully and conservatively for fear of a disaster and I can't say I'm enamored of their menu, more like scared! Still, so far so good. I wouldn't put it on my cravings list, but here in DUMBO where delivery is limited, I'm happy to have another option. Kind of reminds me of Tenda in the Heights -- if you dig enough into the menu and get lucky, you might find something more than edible and actually enjoyable.