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Jun 17, 2008 01:35 PM

Relatively cheap eats & drinks near Central Park?

HI, I live in Brooklyn, so I'm a bit lost figuring out where to go in the vicinity of Central Park. I have an art opening in the south east corner of the park, (near the zoo,) and it also happens to be my birthday on that day. So, I looking for a place to we can go after the opening to get some food & drinks. Some folks recommended the Boat House, which would complete the evening-in-the-park experience, but it looks to be very very expensive. I also thought of going to Serendipity 3, which holds some nostalgic charm for me, but I haven't been there since 1993. Anybody have a favorite place in the vicinity that they would recommend? It doesn't have to be dirt cheap, but I'm not looking for $$$$$fine dining, either. Any thoughts on the Boat House or Serendipity 3?

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  1. I'm really bad with directions but if you don't mind going to 73rd and 2nd Avenue, Persepolis is a very nice Persian place with good food and is inexpensive. Does not have the atmosphere of the Boat House though.

    1. Landmarc at the Time Warner building. Try "Bone Marrow", for real though.