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Dress Code Question: The Modern (Main Dining Room)

It's Jacket Required, that much I know. I'm not sure if I can get back to my hotel and there in time for my reservation tonight - Can I get by wearing nice jeans with a black jacket?

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  1. Others may disagree with me, but I don't think jeans are proper attire for The Modern.

    1. I would suggest giving them a call and double-checking. I have never eaten there but it sounds like they would be strict about that policy.

      1. i was eating in the bar area last week and saw this young very attractive couple leaving the main dining room. the man was wearing jeans and a graphic t-shirt under his jacket. and he walked by the host stand he handed them back their jacket.

        1. Yes--I think you'll be fine, as you would at most high end NYC restaurants these days.

          1. In the main dining room I don't think I would wear jeans, but I'm not sure what their official dress code is. Usually if jackets are required, there is a no jeans policy. I would call the restaurant and ask.

            1. i know this is an old thread but just to clarify, while the dining room has a more formal feel there is NO dress code at the modern

              1. what is the big-to-do about putting on a pair of Dockers or regular pants?

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                  whats the big to do to not?

                  i was there last night, wore a nice jacket, nice black armani shirt, jeans and chuck taylors. felt fine, looked fine, totally felt not out of place, and no one in the restaurant cared.

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                    People who are traveling to NYC don't want to pack the extra clothing, run back to the hotel, iron it, change, etc. I can see that being a concern, especially if they've spent the day at a ball game or walking around Central Park.

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                      No matter how much I adore my NY Yankees, I owe it to my dining companion(s) that I at least change out of my beloved Yankee jersey before heading out to the Modern.