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Jun 17, 2008 12:58 PM

Lakes Region NH: Looking for better than average food...


We spend a few weekends a year in Gilford, NH and have yet to find a restaurant in the region I would go back to twice. I'm looking for food made with love, care, thought and quality ingredients.

We eat everything so anything goes. Anything within an hour or so of Gilford would work.

Just looking for something that rises above the pedestrian crapola that most places serve up there. (I'm talking to you Harts Turkey farm and your bogus, steam table cafeteria slop).

Is this just to much to ask?


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  1. We have many nice restaurants such as O's steak and seafood but some horrors also . As a long time resident of Gilford I looked forward to the opening of the Lobster Pound in the Weirs. We waited one hour and forty five minutes and then the mangager suggested it was our fault because we chose to dine there on a Wednesday.

    1. O Steak and Seafood is a wonderful new addition to Laconia. I also love the little Thai place next to the high school in Lacaonia. Other then those two, I head to Ctr Sandwich at The Corner House Inn. Abondante's in Meredith for great Italian. Of the Common Man restaurants - I've enjoyed Lago in Meredith (but the others I don't care for). Fugi is great for chinese, family run in Meredith. Sushi/Vietnamese in Ctr Harbor at LemonGrass. Awesome awesome Lobster Roll @ Sam & Rosies in Ctr Harbor (across from the beach). Little further around the lake is excellent steak at The Woodshed. Many love the Canoe in Ctr Harbor - I just hate the service each time I go so I stay away. Great casual fresh is The Village Kitchen - excellent value (Moultonboro). It's good for everything, breakfast/lunch/dinner. Two diners in Meredith are very good - Ma & Pa's , and George's Diner. Expensive but great views and great food is Church Landing (I think this is another common man place) - I love their wedge salad. My family does their sunday brunch and love it.

      1. Canoe, O and Scott's new place, The North End.

        1. I agree with everyone here - O is excellent. I also second LexPatti's opinion of Canoe - although it has the same owner as O, we didn't care for Canoe at all.

          Of the many area restaurants we've dined at, Mise en Place on Lehner Street in Wolfeboro is the closest you'll find for what you describe as "food made with love, care, thought & quality ingredients". Reservations are a must, though.

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            sorry, but i have to disagree with Mise en Place in wolfeboro. we went there for lunch this summer and found the food just okay. we had hoped for a better lunch and all we got was very average. maybe dinner is better but just to let you know

          2. Try West Lake on 28 north of Wolfeboro for top-notch Chinese food. Skip the center page with all of the specials, and head for the regular menu, which is better and cheaper. The eggplant in garlic sauce and sauteed string beans with chicken are particularly nice. Not surprisingly given the location, the spicy items tend to be the more authentic ones.