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Jun 17, 2008 12:57 PM

Anyone visited Cork Restaurant in Chandler, AZ?

Has anyone been here yet? Menu looks interesting but pricy and the one web review I found listed mediocre service and small portions.


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  1. It's on my list. The prices make it toward the bottom of my list though. I have neighbors who love it and go weekly for happy hour or dinner, and they are pretty demanding when it comes to service but have never mentioned anything negative. I'm interested to hear what others think, and I'll post when I actually visit.

    Jess Harter seemed to like it:

    1. My husband I went a few weeks ago & we were happy with the service & the food. The portions are small, but they are meant to be like tapas plates. I actually liked that a lot because it meant we could try more things. We shared 2 appetizers, a soup, & 3 entrees (which they put on a single platter between us so we could share), and a dessert & we were stuffed! It ended up not being any more expensive than if we had gone to a nicer restaurant & ordered 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, & 2 desserts. The food was really delicious & we are looking forward to going back.

      The restaurant was not very busy when we went (but we went early- around 5pm), but the bar area was packed. I think they have some great happy hour deals if you eat in the bar area.

      1. My wife and I went to Cork a few weeks ago and would certainly go back.

        They have a lunch menu with apps and entrees that runs until 3pm, then an in-between menu from 3-5, followed by the tapas-only dinner menu at 5pm. We arrived around 4pm and they gave us both the in-between and dinner menus.

        We ended up sharing 4 or 5 tapas plates and the cheese plate, started with glasses of Gruet bubbly, then had a bottle of Brouilly and the tab ran around $160 w/tip. The service pace was leisurely, as we requested. The staff was well informed about the food but no one there really understood the wine list. Speaking of, there were numerous mistakes in the wine list and that kind of sloppiness for a restaurant that wants to come across as sophisticated bugs me. This list had the Brouilly listed under "Rhone" and countless words spelled incorrectly.

        I see that the menu online is significantly different than when we were there.

        Most of the dishes that we tried were adventurous and tasty. Some worked better than others.

        The foie gras was cooked perfectly and the caramel sauce was a subtle addition, not the overly sticky goo served at House of Tricks. This was our favorite course.

        The duck breast was cooked and flavored wonderfully as well but the BBQ duck confit on the side just tasted of the barbeque sauce and didnt allow the confit to show through.

        The heirloom tomato salad was bright and fresh.

        We had a pork belly that was done quite well.

        The quail was yummy too. It was seasoned with bourbon, which gave it a really nice smoky flavor.

        We'll go back.

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          My wife reminded me we also had a plate of sous-vide rabbit that was exceedingly dry and bland. This dish was a miss.

        2. We had lunch there and it was fantastic! Great tasting meal. I was actually at another restaurant last week and they recommended half price Tuesdays. I was buzzed and we can't remember if its just wine or other stuff - gonna try tomorrow!

          Also heard about a $75 tasting with Spanish wines and foods, I'll do a full review after Tuesday and that one (love Spanish wine and gooooood Spanish cheeeese!!!).

          1. can you believe i ventured that far into chandler? lol

            i loved this spot. there were a few dishes i thought needed a tweak or two, but in general, i thought the service was great, the food was delicious, and the half off bottle of wine, which was already well priced, was the icing on the cake.

            i'd happily go again, as long as someone else navigated, i don't think i could find my way back that far into chandler on my own ;)