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Jun 17, 2008 12:28 PM

Greatest for romance/celebratory evening?

My husband and I will be traveling to NYC for a weekend in a couple of months, for relaxation, romance, and fun after his recent tour in Afghanistan. Money is no object! Any cuisine, as long as the place is unpretentious and the lighting warm. :o)

I've been considering Daniel, Nobu, Buddakan, Tabla, Le Bernardin, Morimoto, Gramercy Tavern. We'll have a couple of nights to plan for.

Your input is most appreciated, hounds.

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  1. I would try Aureole, Bouley or Eleven Madison Park.

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      Second for Bouley. Sounds like just what you're looking for.

    2. I love Le Bernardin for a special occassion. The food is unbelievable and I think for that type of restaurant it is laid back and you can't beat the service. Also, Gramercy Tavern is wonderful as well. I would stay away from Buddakan and Nobu if you want something more intimate and probably Morimoto as well. Also, think about Babbo.

      1. Except for Morimoto I think you have some great options (have not been to Buddakan). I would lalso ike to second considering Babbo or Eleven Mad. Park.

        1. My husband and I just went to Daniel to celebrate our anniversary. It was so special. The food is outstanding and the room is just beautiful. We felt we were treated like kings. Le Bernardin is wonderful but the room is not warm. It has a business like feel to it. Tabla is very good and have always enjoyed our meals there but not as special as Daniel. Gramercy Tavern is quite good as well. I know the hounds here love 11 Madison Park. While I do think the food is delicious there, I find the room big and cavernous. We have always enjoyed Chanterelle as well. Enjoy!

          1. I like Hearth for unpretentious, laid back, delish:
            And I'm very happy - what a wonderful thing to celebrate - his safe return - I wish you a wonderful trip!