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Jun 17, 2008 12:26 PM

Downtown Crossing Dinner

Looking for a fun place to have dinner near Downtown Crossing/the Boston Common. A group of 7 ladies are headed out to see SATC at the Lowes Boston Common and want a fun dinner before....martini's, etc.

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  1. I really like Silvertones down there- tasty food, good strong drinks.
    My ladies and I went to Teatro before SATC a couple of weeks ago- right next door to the theatre and it was very nice- more up scale than Silvertones. I didnt eat- but some did and enjoyed it- I did have a fantastic champagne cocktail though! :-)

    Enjoy the movie!!!

    1. Teatro is right next door. Other good options are goodlife and Kingston Station.

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        I did the SATC/Teatro thing a couple of weekends ago and the food there is always good though on this occasion, the FOH service left much to be desired.

        1. re: lissy

          Although not as convenient, I think silvertones, goodlife or kingston station would be more fun in any event.

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            I second the Kingston Station rec. I had a very nice lunch there with a few co-workers last week and that was my third very good experience in there.

      2. I've never been totally smitten by Excelsior, but it strikes me as perhaps the "New Yorkiest" restaurant in the area, at least in the faux, mythologized SATC sense. If nothing else, lots of snazzy-looking cocktails:

        You might also check out Via Matta around the corner.

        A bit farther away, and more expensive than the above is No 9 Park. Tremendous bartending and a nice, if overpriced cafe menu.

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          And they are having a $30 lobster special all summer long, a different preparation each week.

          1. re: phatchris

            Which "they" are you referring to when you mentioned the $30 lobster special... Excelsior, Via Matta, or No. 9 Park?