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Jun 17, 2008 12:15 PM

Quick salad for lunch in Dupont?

I'm meeting a colleague for lunch on Friday and am looking for a health - conscious (read - she's on a diet and needs salad) restuarant in the Dupont area that isn't going to take 2 hours. Any thoughts?

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  1. For quick, I'd recommend either Chop't or Vapiano - unless you're looking for more upscale.

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    1. re: katecm

      havent tried chopt yet but vapiano's salads are really good and pretty filling. its really fast too.

      1. re: katecm

        I love the idea of Chop't, but unfortunately the product they serve (at the Dupont location at least -- its the only one to which I've been) astes as if it has been passed through a giant de-flavorizing machine. Each time I've grabbed a salad at Chop't, I am stunned and amazed at the total lack of taste.

        1. re: Bonz

          True, plus it's very chaotic in there at lunch.

          For a sit down place that's fairlyy fast, Luna Cafe (not Grill). Or you could go to Sizzle Ex or Bertucchi's (they have lots of healthy/yummy salads).

      2. i'm not 100% sure if they are open for lunch but Skewers woudl be a good isn't a 'salad hut' per se but it's middle eastern and they have lots of low or no carb choices wiht the meat mostly being grilled. They even have diet friendly (or some such words) on the menu for some of their offerings. It's on P between 16th and 17th. The Thai place on S between CT and 19th might be a good diet friendly choice too if you stay away from the noodles. Or maybe Raku.

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          Thai is not diet-friendly...too much oil/sugar/sauces in unexpected dishes.
          Skewers is open for lunch but be careful there. A lot of their mezzes are very heavy on the oil and the yogurt sauces are made with the full-fat kind.