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Jun 17, 2008 12:13 PM

Suggestions for Mont Tremblant in the summer?

Hi everyone,

I will be visiting Montreal in a few weeks and had planned to go up to Mont Tremblant for a day or two. I searched the board for suggestions, but am curious about whether most places are open for the summer?

If anyone has any great lunch or dinner suggestions for places that will be open the 1st week of July, I would appreciate it. Thanks!!

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  1. There's a lot going on in Mont Trembalnt in the summer, so everything should be open. For an incredible fine dining experience, go to Cheval de Jade in St. Jovite. Brunch Cafe is great for lunch -- they have an outstanding selection of sausages.

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      In response to my own post: I was in Mont Tremblant last week and was dismayed to find that the Brunch Cafe had closed, replaced by a pizza restaurant. A couple of doors down, however, was Bistrot Les Copains D'Abord, which has really terrific French bistro cuisine and a nice upscale casual atmosphere.

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        Went to Bistrot Les Copains D'Abord this weekend and I could barely have been more disappointed!!!

        We ordered "a la carte" hoping to find some gems, but the off-menu "special" duck confit & mango spring roll starter recommended by the waiter/sommelier tasted so much like fridge that myself and my companion had a sneaking suspicion that they were recommended only because they were trying to get rid of them so they wouldn't go to waste (they really should have gone in the garbage...). The foie gras poelé was bland and burnt rather than nicely browned, and the anise & ginger sauce that accompanied it was an odd flavour combo that didn't really work... As for our main dishes - my steak tartar was decent but the fries that came with it were uninspired and reminded me of a mediocre McDonald's fry. My companion's grilled duck breast was cooked appropriately, but consisted of more fat than meat and both of us had salads contained some "off" tomatoes which need to cautiously be avoided! As for desert we didn't stick around to find out! At a price tag of $120 w/4 glasses of wine (plus tip) and we couldn't get out of there fast enough really...

        I really wish we'd have chosen Le Cheval Jade instead (just down the road), because Bistrot Les Copains D'Abord was mediocre at best and really not worth any praise on this message board. The only thing good was the wine, which brings me to: last note: our waiter/sommelier who I suppose may have been the owner, either that or he fancied himself the "face" of the business, really needs to work on his customer service skills! He was pushy and arrogant and fancied himself as way more "smooth" than he actually was...

    2. Also going to Mont Tremblant for a laid back weekend, and would love to know some of the great places to eat. Maybe one fancy dinner, and another more casual one?

      1. I had dinner at La Grappe a Vin a few years ago. Don't remember the details, but the food was good, if on the pricey side.

        1. Just back from Mont Tremblant. If you are going for fine dining, forget it! Very expensive, even compared to Nyc prices and not even close to the quality. We found Bistrot Les Copains D'abord inedible. The food on the mountain was over priced and so so commercialized. Believe it or not, the best food we had on the mountain was at Wok-an Asian inspired restauant with a nice atmosphere and very decent food. We also had a decent meal off the mountain at Cayenne Grill.