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Cheese shops in NJ

Any good cheese shops in NJ? Trenton, Cherry Hill, or shore areas or anywhere for that matter? Been to a few in Doylestown that were nice, but looking for something closer. Sure, Wegman's has a decent selection, but looking for others. Thanks! -mJ

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    1. Cheese on Main, on Main Avenue in Ocean Grove, has a nice selection.

      1. Severinos in Westmont has great homemade pasta and a nice selection of cheese. Also, the Village Cheese shop in Haddon Hts is supposed to be very good.

        1. Whole Foods in Middletown has an excellent selection. Probably other WF do as well.

          1. In addition to its best-in-state wine inventory, service, and good prices, the Wine Library in Springfield also has an extensive selection of cheeses and informed friendly staff.

            The Wine Library
            586 Morris Avenue
            Springfield, NJ 07081
            Ph: 888-980-WINE (9463)

            1. The Wine Library in Springfield has a very good selection of cheeses. I know one of the cheese shops in Doylestown you're referring to and I think the Library has a larger selection.

              I've always been disappointed in Wegman's cheeses. At the Bridgewater store, the staff doesn't seem too knowledgeable and I've seen many "overly ripe" cheeses there.

              1. Sickles Market in Little Silver always has an excellent selection of cheeses I also second Cheese on Main in Ocean Grove...

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                  BIG SECOND on Sickels' cheese dept. ... one plus there is that service is excellent. Great knowledge of cheese pairings, tastings. I can't count how many time I've been there tasting a cheese with one or two other customers and a few employees, all together talking about it. That said, I have to admit that places like Whole Foods, Delicious Orchards and the like have a fine selection, but you don't get the service. On my one trip to Cheese on Main in Ocean Grove, the service was great, but I wasn't blown away but the smalish volume of cheese. Maybe I missed something, maybe not, but a good shop nonetheless.

                2. Great suggestions so far...keep them coming!

                  Have to agree on Wine Library! We head up there once a month or so to pick up wine orders and just to browse. Picked up many of chunks of cheese in our many trips there. Great place...and how can you not like Gary V! -mJ

                  1. Should you find yourself in Princeton, I'd suggest checking out Bon Appetit, in the Princeton Shopping Center on North Harrison St. Great selection of cheeses--French, American boutique, Spanish, Italian, South American, etc, and also a wide variety of olives, including this particular Spanish olive, cured in lemon and oil (i think) that I've only ever found at Zabar's and in Spain. Our Whole Foods also has a great cheese selection, but I like to give props to the local small business.

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                      I'll have to ask my wife about Bon Appetit. She works walking distance to the shopping center, and walks over to McCaffrey's for lunch quite often. Thanks for the heads up! -mJ

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                        Love Bon Apetit! I especially love their curried chicken salad. It's delicious, and you're right, they do have a nice cheese selection.

                      2. Atlantic City Mainland area: the Cheeseboard, Central Square, Linwood