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Jun 17, 2008 11:53 AM

New Brunswick suggestion

Hi. Someone recommended Soho on George or Old Man Rafferty's in New Brunswick. Anyone been? Good or would you recommend someplace else in the area? Full liquor license a plus. Thanks.

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  1. Hi Patricia! You might want to repost this on the Mid-Atlantic section. You will get far more responses.

    I reallly do not care for any restaurant in N.B. I must say Daryl is very good, but can also be pricey. Soho has been off way too many times for me to ever return. i.e., cold dinner entrees, service non-existant, my husbnad being served before me, while my dinner came out 15 minutes later....get my drift?

    Old Man is a fun, family friendly place. Not the best cuisine, simple and casual. I sometimes meet a friend there for a cocktail.

    Here are some other pics:

    as mentioned:


    Another place next town over is Greek/seafood. Pithari Taverna. It is a BYOB, but you can buy some great Greek wines in their Greek store next to the restaurant. Literally 5 minutes from Soho or Old Man:


    I hope this helps!

    Enjoy your meal!

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      I have a daughter at Rutgers and we go to Old Man Rafferty's when we come down to visit. They have a big menu and amazing desert selection. They also have a nice little take-out/gourmet store attached. The Frog and the Peach is a highly rated restaurant, but I haven't tried it out.

    2. I went to college at Rutgers and have tried many a resto down there. Old Man Rafferty's is definitely a family-friendly place and the food is typical American bar stuff. It's fine. They're really known for their fabulous cakes. I have always found Soho to be somewhat disappointing. Same goes for Frog and the Peach (pricey and disappointing).

      I am actually a big fan of Clydz - I think their food is fantastic and they are really a cocktail/martini place, so no worries on the liquor license front.

      I also like Makeda's, which is Ethiopian, though the service is spotty.

      And if you want sushi, there's Sapporo.

      Oh! And also Nova Terra - Latin American, very cute, good food.

      Also, Delta's - southern food, but it can get crowded, so be sure to have a reservation.

      1. I recently went to Old Man Rafferty's two days in a row. The main courses and service were quite nice, but the desserts were a big disappointment for a place that emphasizes cakes and pies. First, not everything on the menu is always available. You need to go take a look at their display case in the retail shop to see what can be ordered. The first day of my recent trip, I saw about four or five pie choices and a plethora of ooky, plasticky-looking cheesecakes and layer cakes. The pies were the biggest problem. The homemade apple pie was the only one that looked fresh. The caramel apple pie was missing a few wedges and had chocolate crumbs (obviously from one of the cakes nearby) all over its top. The next day, what looked to be the same crumb-littered pie was sitting in the case. Didn't they move enough slices on a Friday evening to put in a fresh pie? That was a little bit shocking to me. And not a little unappetizing.

        Second problem was how small the piece of pie was that I was served. Six bites and I was done. It was a fairly narrow slice. Should have been at least an inch wider. And I think the slice on my trip to Old Man Rafferty's last year was bigger. Perhaps a cost-saving move has been put into place. I can't say for sure. But I was disappointed. The homemade apple pie was good--a few bites more would have been better.