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Has anyone cooked (Spanish) raf tomatoes?

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A local store is selling locally grown raf tomatoes which, as far as I can discern from the information online, is a Spanish tomato typically grown in Almeria, is highly prized ( 3-4 euros a kilo!) locally, and is predominantly sliced and eaten in salads, with cold meats, or simply sliced and dressed with olive oil and salt. They're green and red in patches, some with the green shoulders I associate with Russian black tomatoes. Unbelievably, they're mainly grown in winter. As befits a salad tomato, they're very firm.

I've bought one or two to try, and I really like them - they're not really sweet, but very, very fruity and deep-flavoured. Much better than the rather watery, sharp green zebra I grew in the summer!

While I've been eating them raw, with olive oil and salt, I was wondering if anyone had experience with these tomatoes, and had other preparation suggestions. I'm thinking of trying to cook them, but I'm not sure if they'd suit cooking - I see very few recipes for cooked green tomatoes in general, and the information online seems to imply it would be sacreligious to cook them...

All thoughts welcome.

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