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Jun 17, 2008 11:16 AM

Kiku Sushi - Stamford

Now I have 3 Japanese sushi place to go to that I think are good, my favorite, Fin II, then Kotobuki, but this new place has more offerings and is a bit wilder than those two, while being strictly traditional. Went with 6 other friends, so we jammed the place (its small) - went traditional - a sashimi regular dinner ( cause thats my test plate - if its good, I'll try something else otherwise no go back) - nicely presented (I would say the Fin presentations are more artful), great fish - one draw back - they didn't serve any rice with it, I had to order as a side. Friends had various other offerings - a light soup that was wonderful and other assorted items gyoza, yellowtail with scallion, sushi cake. Then we went a bit crazy with a volcano - which was seared tuna layered on shredded onion shapped like a volcano with a mild wasabi - pretty and tasty and an uni shot hot and mild. A wild place and definitely for fun and good food.

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  1. Stopped at Kiku last night for the first time. The food was quite good, the fish very fresh. The menu is very large and varied for a Sushi rest.

    Some of the little touches that I would appreciate are not there for those dining in, but all were minor.

    Definitely worth a stop in.

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      is this the place in Springdale shopping center?