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Jun 17, 2008 11:04 AM

Grill Point in Cedarhurst - Open

Mazel tov! After more than a half a year's delay they are finally open. No ads in the 5 Towns Jewish Times, nothing. They simply opened!

I am disappointed in that the prices are nothing special, but what upset me the most was that it is by waiter service. A real bummer, a waste of money. Yossi's Grill is cheaper, and without waiter service, even cheaper still.

Some prices

Soup - $5.95
Potato salad - $6.95
Hot dog w/fries (from the kids menu) - $5.95
Can of soda - $2.00(!) (vs Yossie's Grill price of $1.25)
Falafel - $5.95
Steak - $24.95
Hot chocolate cake - $5.95

I think I will pass. What a shame, two blocks from my house.

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  1. I picked up a menu today and prices are exactly the same as in Queens. These are the prices at all places nowadays......we all have to deal with it and get passed the dys of $1 menus.

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    1. re: HungryJew

      Never went to the Queens location, was hoping for something different to draw people away from "the strip". I just don't see it here. Between Yossie's Grill and Hapina I just don't see the draw.

      1. re: JS69

        I guess what we need now are reviews. I passed by tonight and they were not opened. Pizza places were busy as well as Burger Bar appeared well attended. I guess Grill Point will not have a draw based on their hours.

        1. re: MartyB

          I would be willing to forgo an innovative Five Towns restaurant for a gourmet meat takeout place that has more selection than kugel, rotisserie chicken, and variations on rice pilafs. Chap a Nosh has some things that are different, but generally the cuisine is very Eastern European (stuffed cabbage, deli roll, etc).

          1. re: moonlightgraham

            Just what is "gourmet" food. I always thought that it was simply fancier packaging, like Bumble Bee has a "gourmet" tuna that is 50% more in price and appears to be the same ingredients (tuna) just a more golden can.

            1. re: MartyB

              Gourmet does not refer to fancy packaging. It can refer to how the food is prepared and/or the types of ingredients used, For example, in the Five Towns,Sushi Metsuyan has gourmet food on their menu, while King David generally does not have gourmet food on its menu.. It is a given that gourmet food is generally more expensive.

    2. Ate there tonight - not impressed. Service was bad, they were out of many things (spicy sausage, baby chicken, falafel, jerusalem mixed grill, liver), and what they did have was just ok. The chicken shish i ordered in place of the baby chicken that they didn't have was dry and overcooked. Part of my order came in wrong, and when I asked them to correct it, they looked exasperated and it was not ready until the end of the meal. The restaurant was deafeningly noisy. They also do not let you order sandwiches for dinner, which annoyed the kids (they wanted pita or lafa sandwiches, and instead were forced to order full platters). I think we will stick to Hapina for now, at least until I hear that Grill Point has gotten its act together. I don;t need to spend 100 bucks for dinner for 5 to leave completely unsatisfied.