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Jun 17, 2008 11:01 AM

too much arugula

I'm garden-sitting and have big bunches of arugula to contend with. I like it in moderation, but I need some ways of using up a lot at once. I'd prefer no salad recipes as the same garden is also full of lettuce and can only eat so much salad.

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  1. Make pesto with it. Haven't tried freezing arugula pesto but imagine it would freeze as well as basil pesto.

    1. I like it with watermelon and goat cheese and a light drizzle of vinaigrette. Salt and pepper...


      1. I like arugula on top of a nice thin crust pizza, with a drizzle of hot pepper/herbed oil

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          Variation: pizza bianco, with ricotta and mozzarella, topped with arugula. I prefer my arugula a little more wilted, so I put it on the pizza and leave it in the oven for a few minutes, but most suggestions are to put it on after it comes out of the oven and let the residual heat wilt it.

        2. Sauteed with garlic, butter, and tomatoes and plenty of parmesan as a quick condiment for pasta
          As a topping for sandwiches (great especially with roast beef)
          Pureed for pesto
          Wilted like spinach as a side to grilled steak

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            Thanks for the pasta suggestion. I had a big bunch of arugula from my csa, the single thing historically most likely to go bad and get composted from my veggie box. Here's what we did:

            Sauteed half a red onion in a few Tbsp olive oil until it was soft and just a little caramelized. Then added about 1 1/2 c. chopped tomatoes (these were frozen ones that I semi-dries in the oven last summer, so they were extra delish, but sundried rehydrated in some boiling water would have worked, too). Then added 3 cloves minced garlic, the washed and chopped arugula, about 1 tsp. anchovy paste and a generous Tbsp. of capers. Oh, and a splash of the pasta water to make it a little saucier. Sauteed until the arugula was nice and soft and put it over whole wheat penne with a little crumble of feta. My partner kept interrupting over dinner to say, "Oh my god this is delicious!"

            No more composted arugula. Hooray!

          2. Cook pasta and melt gorgonzola with butter, toss the suace over pasta with the arugula.