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Turkey Burger - Dallas

Well, I love a great juicy beef burger. My waistline needs to find a great juicy turkey burger. Does this exist? Also, does it exist in Dallas?


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  1. I have never been there but Twisted Root Buger Co has a turkey burger on the menu amongst others.


    1. Twisted Root's turkey burger is good, but the best I have found is the one at Village Burger Bar. It comes with jalapeno jack cheese, dried cranberries, baby greens and tomato. It also comes with mayo but since I find that particular condiment to be truly repulsive, I get mine with mustard instead. Yummmm.

      1. Best I've had is at Twisted Root. I get mine with Danish blue cheese and JalapeƱos. They have a ton of topping choices as well. If you love goat cheese, they offer it on a burger or salad.

        Fun place too...

        Mooyah Burgers also has one, but mine was dry (patty) and soggy (bun). That was when they first opened, so they might have improved.

        1. Try Oliver's Eatery on Frankford Rd. I get mine with avocado. Not dry at all and the whole wheat buns are great!

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            Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I will report back when I'm able to try these paces.

          2. Cafe Express has a nice one.

            1. Liked Twisted Root and Village Burger Bar's.

              1. Heck, who needs turkey?! Buffalo is 92% lean and is higher in protein than just about everything! And since you like the beef, it will taste much better than a turkey burger, which tends to be bland.

                Twisted Root not only has buffalo, but also venison and ostrich - all healthier alternatives to beef. Get it on a wheat bun and swap the fries for sweet potato chips - that's a healthy meal.

                I get the buffalo meat each time I eat there (once every 2 weeks or so) and love it.

                1. I had a really great turkey burger at Mooyah burger.....juicy with a fresh baked bun...perfectly seasoned..and their fries aren't bad either. I only know of one location (Montfort and Beltline in Addison)...

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                    FWIW - There is a Mooyah on the SEC of 121 and Glade Rd. It sets facing and close to the NB service road.

                  2. i like the turkey burger at Who's Who (in HP Village) a whole lot better than the one at Twisted Root

                    i have a hard time thinking of sweet potato chips as "healthy"!

                    1. I have to second Cafe Express - I tried it on a whim and was very happy with it. Who knew? ;>

                      1. The Counter in Plano has a great turkey burger. It's a franchise that has moved here from California. You can customize your burger and put what ingredients you want on it....Has a small bar if you want a drink. It's located at the shops of Legacy..


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                          Counter is closed down, the location is now a Village burger bar

                        2. They also have a chicken or veggie burger as well!

                          1. i was in search of a good turkey burger and took the majority's advice on here and tried twisted root. I must admit that was one of the best burgers i have had in a long time...unfortunately i did not ge the turkey i got the buffalo and i must admit it was great. dying to go back and try the turkey now...a little pricey but it was well worth it. thanks guys!!!!!!

                            1. Although my first choice would be Twisted Root, I've never had one there. But, I did have one at Snuffers one day for lunch and enjoyed it. However, I imagine a turkey burger at Twisted Root would be even better!

                              1. Twisted Root update for those west of Dallas. They now have a location (as well as Cowboy Chow) in Roanoke, about 1 block from Babes.

                                1. My new favorite turkey burger in DFW is at Fat Daddy's in Casa Linda at Buckner and Garland in Dallas. It's insanely juicy. Plus - free beer!

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                                    fat daddy's does have good burgers i have not tried their turkey burger so i am going to have to go in there and check that out

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                                        By the way, this is Fat Daddy's Burger House, not the other Fat Daddy's in the metroplex. The Casa Linda location has no liquor license, so with each food order, you get two free beers. It's the crappy light stuff, but when it's free you can't be picky. There are few things better than a Fat Daddy's turkey burger, tater tots, and a couple of free beers after a run at White Rock Lake. Yum!

                                    1. Well not Dallas but Frisco is Kenny's burger joint. Since they cook over live wood all their burgers are just better. Cheap they are not, but definitely good You just can't go wrong with a brie mushroom burger and doing it with turkey just cuts all those bad calories...

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                                        I love me a burger cooked over wood.

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                                          omg yes. is that the same kenny's thats in addison?

                                          btw eddie from the observer quit. oops.

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                                            kenny's is awesome, $3 glasses of wine, it's on my way home from work. So cannot wait to try a brie mushroom turkey burger...yummm...

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                                              They will switch out Turkey for any of their burgers. I switch to turkey about 50% of the time, just because with live wood and all the other stuff it just seems to make the burger "lite" . Either that or I just eat half the burger and save half for later.

                                      2. island burger and twisted root...cant go wrong with either