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Jun 17, 2008 10:42 AM

Turkey Burger - Dallas

Well, I love a great juicy beef burger. My waistline needs to find a great juicy turkey burger. Does this exist? Also, does it exist in Dallas?


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  1. I have never been there but Twisted Root Buger Co has a turkey burger on the menu amongst others.

    1. Twisted Root's turkey burger is good, but the best I have found is the one at Village Burger Bar. It comes with jalapeno jack cheese, dried cranberries, baby greens and tomato. It also comes with mayo but since I find that particular condiment to be truly repulsive, I get mine with mustard instead. Yummmm.

      1. Best I've had is at Twisted Root. I get mine with Danish blue cheese and JalapeƱos. They have a ton of topping choices as well. If you love goat cheese, they offer it on a burger or salad.

        Fun place too...

        Mooyah Burgers also has one, but mine was dry (patty) and soggy (bun). That was when they first opened, so they might have improved.

        1. Try Oliver's Eatery on Frankford Rd. I get mine with avocado. Not dry at all and the whole wheat buns are great!

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            Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I will report back when I'm able to try these paces.

          2. Cafe Express has a nice one.