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Jun 17, 2008 10:33 AM

Really Good Graham Crackers?

I'm craving graham crackers. I want six or seven notches better than Keebler, but nothing clever. Can anyone suggest a widely-available store brand or mail order source?

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  1. The cinnamon grahams sold at Trader Joe's are really delicious.

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    1. re: mollyomormon

      I'm with Molly. Those TJ's cinnamon grahams are really addictive. I like to dip them in good black tea.

      1. re: Vetter

        The TJ's grahams are sugary and cinnamony and oh so yummy. But Beware, I tried making a s'more in the microwave with a TJ's graham, piece of choco and marshmallow and burned my tounge since the sugar on the graham crystalized. -- So these bad boys are better to eat plain :)

        1. re: tigerd

          If you use a wood fire or grill for the marshmallows (or even the micro) but leave the graham crackers alone, they make the best s'mores - my cookout gang gave the TJ graham crackers rave reviews.

          1. re: tigerd

            The crystallized sugar on those TJ grahams are what I crave. I just like to crumble them in a bowl and pour milk on them.

      2. The only store-bought graham crackers that I like are the Nabisco Original (NOT honey) Grahams in the red box. The difference between these and every other graham cracker available in your average supermarket is that they don't contain honey -- they contain molasses like the original recipe that I've liked since I was a kid.

        They are not available in the west, so I order them from When you get there, search for Nabisco Original Grahams.

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        1. re: Nancy Berry

          Wow, I found some (they're at my local supermarket). As soon as I had a bite, I instantly remembered that I'd last had these at Hilltop Country Day School, age 6. I recognized the flavor right away, and the recipe hasn't changed (at least not meaningfully). Yeah, the molasses are the diff. I had a very sophisticated palate as a kid, though I didn't always know what to call things. I can recall zooming in on the molasses, it almost provoked a synesthetic reaction then, and does still.

          It's sort of the very opposite of the more artisanal kind of product I was yearning for, but I'm loving the nostalgia blast, thanks!

        2. In the baby aisle, try Earth's Best Organic apple cinnamon grahams. They're ultra-healthy -- whole-grain flour, sweetened with fruit juice -- but surprisingly tasty and crunchy. I think a lot of graham crackers taste like sawdust and that the sugar-topped ones are too sweet, which is why I like these.

          1. Thanks Jeff. Now I am craving graham crackers and peanut butter........LOL

            1. I like plain old Nabisco Honey Maid. I've tried various organic/natural/"premium" brands, and none of them taste right to me. It must be a taste I formed in childhood, and even something "better" isn't as good.

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              1. re: jlafler

                Graham crackers didn't contain honey when I was growing up in upstate New York in the 1950's. They were sweetened with molasses and made with coarse Graham flour and that's the taste that I associate with them. Honey just doesn't taste right and it changes the texture of the cracker from coarse to kind of mushy.

                As I said in another post, I actually mail order the original Nabisco Graham cracker from ShopRite Supermarket's website, And when friends or family come to visit from back East, they know that they should pack a few boxes of these, some Social Tea Biscuits and some my-t-fine pudding mixes in their bags for me.