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Port Hadlock Recs for SD Hound

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Hey PN hounds,

I am a San Diego hound that will be in Port Hadlock for a few days in early July. I searched the board but only found mention of Ajax and it hats. Where can I find some good chow in this town?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Not much in that area to choose from. Between Port Hadlock and Chimicum is one of our favorite Chinese take out joints. Take out only. Great Cantonese with a little Szecuan and the prices are very affordable. It is at the intersection where the QFC is and the name is Joy Luck. They also have a restaurant in Port Townsend.

    1. Indeed, Port Hadlock just isn't that big (although Ajax is worth a visit, both for food and hats). But you're really not far from Port Townsend, where there are many wonderful places to eat.

      1. Chimicum Cafe - great spot just a mile west of Hadlock, had some nice meals at Ajax as well. The drive to Port Townsend is a must as previously mentioned.